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Maybelline Cool Effects Cooling Cream Eyecolor

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Lasting glimmer and enduring beauty!


Maybelline Cooling Effect Eyecolor Cream is a must for me! I happened to find it in a discount store several years ago for only 99 cents. I bought 10 of them. The name of the color is "Gives Me The Chills". It is like a highlighter from the 70's, which I love! I apply it with my finger over my regular highlighter powdered eye shadow. I apply it under the brow-bone. It gives me a shimmer that's not too obvious. I never put too much on. I only put on a small dab. I feel that if it's put on too thick, it might cake and be too bright. Thumbs up to this wonderful product!

Milford, CT


Maybelline Cool Effects Cooling Cream Eyecolor

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