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Max Factor
Max Factor Lasting Performance Liquid Makeup

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Max Factor Lasting Performance Liquid Makeup - Great Brand!


I'd like to be able to tell you that I buy the very best brand of luxury make-up that I can afford all of the time, but now that I've given up work to look after my sons, I have to be a little bit more shrewd than that. In reality, I have more than one brand of liquid make-up for any given occasion. I save my luxury brands for special occasions, then I have my favorite from the middle of the road brands ie Max Factor Lasting Performance Liquid Makeup. I use this when I want to look naturally made up and fashionable - but I don't want to spend the earth to do it. I like that this liquid foundation smooths out my skin, hides blemishes and freckles and even goes some way to diminishing minor wrinkles. I only have to apply it once throughout the day and at the end of they day, it still looks pretty much the same as when it was first applied. I don't know what the recommended expiration date is for liquid makeup but my Max Factor has lasted so long and in that time, it hasn't deteriorated one tiny bit. In my opinion, I would say it is the best of the value brands.



Max Factor Liquid Makeup - Max value


I love max Factor products and have always been using their lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, powder, you name it. Before i was always using the powder variety. Now that there are some fine lines on the face, I started to go to liquid foundation, and also for the evenings out and have found that Max Factor Liquid Make up still is one of the best. The Max Factor Liquid Make up comes in a variety of shades and the color is true on the skin as it is on the bottle. It is very light and easy to apply and stays on your face for a long time, without any oil beads or smudges. It does not leave the skin dry. It is also one of the cheaper brands and definately comparable in quality with the more expensive ones. It leaves a very natural look on your face and not an over done look.

Westmont, IL


Max Factor Lasting Performance Makeup is a great choice.


I used Max Factor Lasting Performance Liquid Makeup for several years, up until they stopped making the lightest shade, which was what I needed at the time. While I was using it, I was very pleased with this product. It has excellent coverage and stays put all day long. If you're looking for a natural looking makeup with a lot of coverage, this is a great one. However, if you want a lightweight formula, this isn't it.  I did have trouble with breakouts at this time, but i am not sure if I could contribute that to this product. I see where other people mentioned breakout problems, though, so that may be possible.  As I mentioned before, the reason that I stopped using Max Factor Lasting Performance Liquid Makeup was because they stopped carrying the light ivory version of the makeup and I need a light shade, particularly in the winter.  Overall, I think this is a great makeup and would recommend it, as long as you are looking for heavy coverage.

Harrisburg, NC


Max Factor lasting performance liquid makeup is great to use!


Max Factor lasting performance liquid makeup - If you are going to be where you are going to sweat or need your foundation to last a long time this one is great.  It doesn't rub off on the phone when you are talking.  I work in a school cafeteria where it gets really hot, I mean really hot, because the school always has air conditioning problems and it's still wearing good at the end of the day.  It is also very easy to apply.

Chicago, IL


not the greatest out there


Plain and simple, this foundatin is not a good one. It leaves your skin feeling very uneven no matter how well you put it on. It just does not stay consistent on your skin. It also does not last throughout the day, so don't expect it to. I have tried many different foundations out there, and this is certainly one brand that I do not recommend.

Mine Hill, NJ


One of the best foundations for oily skin!


** ****Max Factor Lasting Performance Liquid Makeup** I've tried many "long wearing" foundations and most do not hold up if you have oily skin.  I've been using Max Factor's Lasting Performance Liquid Makeup for a few years.  ***Lasting Performance Liquid Foundation*** stays put for as long as eight hours. This amazing foundation creates a natural finish that won't streak, smudge or slip and it won't transfer onto your clothes. The advanced formula is light and non-greasy so it won't clog pores. What's more, the fragrance-free formula is suitable for sensitive skin. Max Factor has been around for years so they must be doing something right ~

Houston, TX


Max Factor Lasting Performance Liquid Makeup

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