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Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart Grandma Pillow (feather core)

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Great comfort for aching neck


Martha Stewart Grandma Pillow (feather filled core) Do you suffer with NECK ACHES? HEADACHES? BACKACHES? LEG,HIP&FEET PROBLEMS? This is a very comfotable pillow for those whom love feather pillows but do not like the solidness of fully feather pillows.  This pillow conforms to your head and neck with great ease, you don't have to plump it or push a spot for your head into it!  Just lay your head on it and you will agree that it is very comfortable and for the people whom suffer with neck aches or headaches (as I do) this pillow has really been a Godsend to me. I plan to buy more because I also suffer backache, and swollen feet, and a newly broken toe. I always have pillows to prop my legs and my feet even my arms at times.  I am not sure about this pillow working for my arms. but I am sure that when I buy more of these pillows, I will probably discover that I will want to replace all the pillows I use on my couch to prop my back with.  For these health reasons I have been buying the cheaper pillows but you don't get much support or comfort. I only have purchased one so far but I assure you that I will be buying more in the future and the way I feel about these pillows I will probably replace all our pillows with these comfortable cuddly pillows!  They are more expensive but when it comes to comforting ongoing medical conditions you have to give in to COMFORT NOT COST!

Casco, MI


Martha Stewart Grandma Pillow (feather core)

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