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Marcy MS-101
Marcy MS-101 Hers Elite Pivot Stepper

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Not Too Impressed


I purchased this product about two years ago and frankly had forgot about it until I saw it up for review. It had originally caught my eye as something productive to do while watching a movie and I used it consistantly for about two months. Overall, I can't say I was too impressed with the product. Needless to say, I don't own this product anymore. In my opinion, it doesn't give you a great enough range of motion to really result in a good workout and even after using it for the duration of a movie I was unable to break a sweat. I would probably not recommend this to a friend unless they were the type who just can't stand still and need something to do during a movie or whatnot-not strictly a workout. 

Peoria, AZ


Its a good Buy ! We are Very Happy With it !


We bought the Hers Elite Pivoting stepper about a month ago. We live in a one bedroom apartment and this stepper is ideal when you consider the space constraints that we have in a rented accommodation. Hers Elite Pivotting Stepper is pre-assembled, compact and ready to use. For an at home exerciser like me, it is very convenient and ideal. It comes with the resistance band which you can use for resistance exercises while working out on the stepper. The best part about it is that it pivots and gives a feeling of a better work out. Pros : Compact, Pre-adjusted, burns calories. Has calory counter, timer etc., Easy to use. Cons : 1. You might find balancing on it a little difficult in the beginning. You get used to it as you use it regularly. 2. You cannot adjust anything like the speed or the resistance. You can overcome this by being a little creative like using weights while using the stepper.    

Farmington Hills, MI


Pretty good little machine


SInce the first day that I began to use this product, I was noticeably impressed with the results. You can feel it from the very beginning. The amount of work and the burn that you feel using this stepper is comparable to any apparatus that you may find in any gym, with the obvious difference that you are in the comfort of your own home or the place that you are, because it is easily transported. It isn't heavy and is quite easy to store away in the corner of your room. It comes with the option of closing it, which converts it into something quite useful. It is quite durable and has a timer that shows the number of repititions that provides you incentives and goals each time that you use it. My legs, thighs and butt highly recommend it.

Chicago, IL


Marcy MS-101 Hers Elite Pivot Stepper

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