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Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs Lola EDP 50 ml Prestige; for Women

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I get so many compliments on MJ's LOLA


I have been wearing Marc Jacob's perfumes for several years now and have bought something from each new fragrance line as it has been released. I own the original Marc Jacobs (a classic Gardenia scent best for evenings), Marc Jacobs Daisy (great for daytime/spring/summer) and now Marc Jacobs Lola. I have to say I lov e them all but Marc Jacobs Lola takes the cake. It has a great fresh floral scent that is not too overpowering. It can be worn day or night. Ever since I got it I have gotten so many compliments. Some people have just said that something is "different" about me and they like it but can't quite put their finger on it. Definitely a subtly alluring fragrance. My only cons for this scent are that it doesn't last as long as the other Marc Jacobs scents leading me to believe it is of cheaper quality. Also everyone has it isn't that unique or signature of a scent.

Philadelphia, PA


Great scent


I absolutely LOVE this scent by Marc Jacobs. I am a preson who loves prefumes. I wear a scent everyday and am always inthe hunt for a new, fresh scent out there. I came across Lola in a department  store. What caught my attention at first was the interesting bottle that it was in. And then i smelled it and LOVED it! My true test, aside from the initial scent, of if I will purchase a perfume is how long it will last on my skin. So, i tried some on at the counter, walked away and shopped around for a couple hours. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the scent lasted on me and there was no sneezing involved. By no means is this scent overwhelming. It is not a citrusy smelling frangrance. I dont want to smell like an orange. It has a nice deep floral scent. Not too light so i would recommend it more for winter or fall. I have been asked many times when i am wearing this perfume what it is and how they like it. The bottle it comes in is ust beautiful. My young daughter took my empty bottles to keep. The only thing is that the bottles can seem a little top heavy b/c of the floral design. So i have to be careful when i go to grab it that i dont knock it down by accident.

Granada Hills, CA


Elegant Packaging


I had worn the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance for several months and really liked the light, summery scent of the Daisy product.  Then my step-daughter and granddaughter gave me the Marc Jacobs Lola fragrance for a holiday gift.  When I opened the gift box, my first impression was that the packaging was glorious.  It is a perfume bottle worth keeping even after it is empty.  As for the scent, I prefer the floral scents to the fruitier ones and Marc Jacobs Lola has a pleasant floral scent.  I think it is most appropriate for the winter months, although it is not real heavy. I have been layering the fragrance by first using the Marc Jacobs Lola body cream and then waiting a few minutes before spraying on the Marc Jacobs Lola fragrance.  This method of applying the fragrance has resulted in a long-lasting effect.  I have received compliments when I have applied it this way. I plan to go back to Marc Jacobs Daisy when I finish the Lola product.  I was pleased with Lola but not in love with it as I am with Daisy.

Indian Wells, CA


Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs Lola EDP 50 ml Prestige; for Women

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