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ManPans MP-STF-10

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Good stir fry pan


This pan does not have any harsh chemicals added to it, it's eco friendly and a very safe pan to cook with in your home. It's also very durable and made to last. I've owned it for awhile now and use it when I want to make stir frys or dishes that I can let sizzle on the stove for awhile under a low temperature. . It can and will cook your food very fast so be wary that you should let your food cook under a low tempature with this pan. It heats up really quickly and easily. I like the handle. It doesn't get hot, it's easy to grip and it's durable. It will last as long as the pan lasts, which I honestly believe will be a very very long time. I like dishes that are easy to clean, I wouldn't say that this wok was the easiest to clean but it's not the hardest either. It all depends on what you cook in it as well. It does have a non stick surface but that only means that the food won't stick as easily in my opinion. Food can and will still stick but just not as bad. Constant stirring when cooking helps eliminate sticking with this pan. A dab of oil before cooking your food helps as well.



This wok is for people who love to cook with eco friendly wares


The ManPans Stir Fry Wok has so many great features. First, the pan is PTFE free, toxin free so you can be confident that no nasty chemicals are part of your food. Additionally, the pan and the manufacturer are eco friendly, unlike others that claim to be. This pan is made, anodized, coated and sold manufacturer direct in one USA location so the minimum amount of carbon is being burned to produce it.  The black hardcoat anodized surface heats up really fast and stays hot. You need to be careful the burner is not turned up too high (save energy!). The cool grip handle stays cool even at high heat for a long period. The coating is stick resistant and extremely durable so this pan will last a very long time. It has a lifetime guarantee and 30 day unconditional guarantee. I have cooked many stir fry dishes in this pan over the last 6 months and it is my go to pan for anything stove top. I am ordering the steamer insert to try some new recipes. Check it out at www.manpans.com.

Colbert, WA


ManPans MP-STF-10

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