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Mama Cozzi's
Mama Cozzi's Chicago-Style Pizza Deep Dish

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Very Poor


First of all the directions on this pizza will give you a mouth full of frozen pizza if you follow the directions on the box. But if you do manage to get past that, you end up with a pizza that is so plain and tasteless, it's not even worth taking the time to put it in your mouth. The best thing about this pizza is the double refund you get when you bring it back to Aldi's.



Just OK


Was looking forward to trying this pizza, got the regular pepperoni one. Says right on the box 'with pepperoni, sauce and cheeses'. So I was pretty grossed out when I cut into it and went to take a bite, and giant chunks of tomatoes were sliding out from under the cheese. If it had said on the box, 'pepperoni and tomato pizza' I wouldn't have bought it, as I hate tomatoes. But nowhere was it mentioned that the sauce was made with actual, big, fork-sized chunks of tomato. Once I lifted off the cheese and pepperoni and removed the offending chunks, the pizza was actually not bad. A little dry as most of the sauce had come off with the lumps of tomato, but not bad. I liked the actual flavor of the crust, though it was a little tough around the edges. The pepperoni had good spice to it as well. Because of the chunky-style sauce, I won't buy it again, but it was worth a try, and if you don't mind tomatoes, it's good.



Attractive looking pizza but the sauce was very plain.


I was not impressed. I purchased the one with just pepperoni because the picture on the box looked very tempting. I opened it out of the package and it looked so beautiful! So full of pepperoni and the crust was just so attractive (despite the pizza being fairly small, but heavy). I baked it per the instructions and I let it cool just a few minutes since it was way too hot to eat. I liked the pepperoni they chose but I must say, the sauce was less than desirable. It almost tasted like someone opened up a jar of tomato sauce and just used that for the sauce. The sauce was very plain and unseasoned. To me, that ruined the experience but I did pick off the pepperoni and eat them all!



Mama Cozzi's Chicago-Style Pizza Deep Dish

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