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Mainstays 2qt Salad Spinner

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Works very well, but takes up a lot of space.


I've had my Mainstays salad spinner for a couple of years. I grew lettuce in containers on my porch this summer and so I was eating salads every day, prepared with my salad spinner. It is very large and I could probably have gotten by with a smaller one, but I like that it holds a lot. Even though it takes up storage space, it's worth it. Dry lettuce makes dressing stick to it all so much better! I have used the salad spinner with water in it to rinse dirt off lettuce or sand from leeks. Then I remove the basket like a strainer, dump the water, replace, and spin dry! I have used the centrifugal force of the spinner to knock the little bugs off of fresh picked, unwashed lettuce. Then I wash the clear bowl out, add water, and wash and dry the lettuce. The spinner can be used in various ways and with other produce, too. The handle on top of the spinner lid is very sturdy and easy to use. The whole container is very sturdy, durable, and has rubber non-skid grips on the bottom of the bowl. I have quite enjoyed mine.



This is an affordable but average salad spinner.


This was a very inexpensive model bought from Walmart. It's a great value for people on a tight budget. It does an okay job but nothing more or less than what I expected. If you're looking for something to rinse fruits and veggies, this will do the trick but don't expect any bells or whistles.

Hebron, MD


Mainstays 2qt Salad Spinner

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