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DVD Player
Magnavox - DVD Player

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Good DVD player 😁



So Far So Good, Works Great.


My daughter was in need of a new DVD player, so of course that was one of the first Christmas gifts we bought her. We found a Magnavox DVD player that played both dvd's and cd's. It was also Energy star qualified. I knew that this would be a good dvd player for her. Magnavox has been around forever, and she needed nothing fancy, just something that she could watch her movies on, the cd player was a plus. It is very lightweight, and compact. It comes with a remote, but make sure to buy batteries for it, no batteries included. It says it has progressive scan to add to the picture quality, not sure if I can really tell a difference. Overall, It works great, does what it said it will do, plays your dvd's. Nothing to get excited about here really. It was not expensive, and is from a great brand. I would recommend this to anyone, you get what you pay for with this, without paying for some crazy high price. You want a good dvd player, this is for you. So far we are very happy with this.

In the sun, FL




I bought this product thinking it would be great. I threw away the box and then how in the world.. lost the reciept. I burned a few movies, thought it was great. Then loaned the movie out and they couldn't play it. Tried it on several players, then found out by someone else that it doesn't close the disk, so you can't play it on any other DVD player. IT STINKS!!! Too much money to spend to get screwed so bad.

Mocksville, NC


Magnavox - DVD Player

3.3 3