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Magimix 5150 16 Cups Food Processor

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Great, useful product


The Magimix comes with many attachments that make this product especially useful. It's not just a blender or food processor, the extra attachments let you slice carrots or potatoes quickly and easily. It works very quickly, and the large bowl allows you to slice several ingredients without requiring a change out- for example, carrots, onions, and garlic. Some items may not be the exact same size. This can be a problem when trying to make something like chips, where uniformity is necessary. The powerful motor makes quick work of hard vegetables or thick batters. I've made hummus many times that started out very thick and it never had a problem getting through the mixture. My only tiny complaint is that there are so many parts to wash. You have to wash not only a bowl, blade, and lid, but the blade attachment, blade adapter, and 2 lid inserts. It can be a bit of a hassle. Overall though, this is a great product.



With this Magimix, I have 8 appliances in one


My favorite thing about this Magimix is that it's actually 8 appliances in one. I have a food processor, juicer, citrus press, grater, mini chopper, slicer (like a mandoline), mixer, and blender all in one. I also like that all the attachments for the above uses already come with it. I don't have to buy extra blades if I want to do some chopping or juicing. It's crazy cool to me how the motor automatically adjusts its power depending on what's in there. That technology is pretty sweet. And it has a 950 watt motor that has a 12 year warranty. It packs quite a punch! But with all that said, it's quieter than I thought it would be. The only complaint I have is that the feed tube up top is really small. Sometimes it gets a bit annoying, especially because I like to juice, but that's the only downside. I also wish that this food processor was made more available in the U.S. I got mine from a friend who got hers in France. I count myself lucky!



Magimix 5150 16 Cups Food Processor

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