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Magformers Jumbo Set (30 Pieces)

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Cannot give this toy item a perfect 10 for one simple reason. They are pretty expensive! On the flip side, they are one of the most sturdy, well built, fun toys for ALL ages. My 4 year old son loves these as much as my 8 year old. I even enjoy these. They may be a bit pricey but nothing too outrageous. I see them as a great investment. Buy them once and they will last for years to come. I purchased a ''starter pack'' of only a few dozen. From there, I would buy more from time to time to add to the collection. There are several types, colors, quantities and shapes to choose from. I have used these for simply building and helping my youngest with hand/eye coordination. For the oldest child, they have even been used for math equations. The plastic part on the outside of these is made very thick and I have not had a single one crack or break. By far one of the best made building toys out there!



Great toy for 3-4 year old and above


My son got a set of thse for his 4th birthday from his cousin. They are so much fun! My husband and I enjoy playing with them just as much as our son. Additionally our son and his (2.5 yr old) cousin were enthralled with playing with these for a good hour at our family holiday dinner. We build lots of things, towers, trainings, balls, chains etc. Son does get a little frustrated when they start to fall apart on him (usually when he tries to move a larger structure) but understands when we tell him that everything can be built again. The magnets are strong and we've found entertainment in the fact that they stick to other surfaces in our house. As with any other smaller toy with lots of pieces as a parent I find myself worrying about pieces being lost or all over the house (we also have a 1 year old) but the pieces are big enough that I don't think they are a choking hazzard for the littler one.

Lakeville, MN


Magformers are the coolest toys!


My five-year-old son received magformers as a Christmas gift from his great-grandmother, but our entire family loves them! These are the neatest little toys. They are surprusingly sturdy and I love not having to worry about the little magnets coming out because they are so securely encased in the plastic. these magnets are very strong and unlike other magnet building toys i have seen, the creations you build actually stay together. there are so many different things you can make with these and they are so fun to just pick up and fiddle around with. even my three year old has figured out how to make some pretty interesting three-dimensional shapes with these, and my thirteen-month-old loves to stick the pieces together and pull them apart. when i looked them up online to see how much they cost, i was a little shocked at how expensive they are! i suppose they are worth it though, since they are so sturdy and are always being played with, we will defnitely order more eventually.

Tonawanda, NY


Magformers Jumbo Set (30 Pieces)

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