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Portable Car GPS
Magellan Maestro Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

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Magellan - Maestro 4700 should get lost


Eager to make travelling cross-country easier, my wife and I picked up a Magellan Maestro 4700 for our car.  Upon receiving the device, I was excited to try it out.  After making sure it was activated and up to date, I was immediately disappointed to learn that the Magellan Maestro 4700 lacked a number of points of interest in its database for my home town.  Some of these points of interest had been in the town longer than my nearly 8 years of residency. To add insult to injury, after one of the initial firmware updates, the Magellan Maestro 4700 suffered from a chronic screen flicker on any screen other than the default map.  This would have been an acceptable flaw, had it be limited to one uncommonly used sub-menu, but as it happened every time I went to enter an address or adjust a setting, it quickly became very bothersome.  On trying to remediate the issue with Magellan, I was told to reset the device and reinstall the software.  On doing so, the issue re-appeared consistently. Suffice it to say, we've moved on to another brand of GPS and have had no complaints since.

Shawnee, OK


Magellan 4700 - Stop Giving Me the Runaround!


I bought the Magellan 4700 because the company was no longer updating maps for my beloved Maestro 4040. Gees.. You'd think the units would IMPROVE rather than take steps backwards. This unit has a lot of features. The Magellan will tell you the names of the exits, names of streets, and which direction to go.   Probably my favorite feature on the 4700 is the Quick Spell.  The unit helps identify or narrows down your destination as you type.   There's also a feature which keeps track of your favorite destinations, sort of like browser bookmarks. The Highway Lane assist shows you the large highway signs as they look on the highways, so you know where to exit.  This model has a voice recognition which does not do a great job recognizing my voice!   The company says this model has six million points of interest and in addition the AAA Tourbook information is also included. When looking up destinations you can choose which database you want to search. I have had a really difficult time using the Bluetooth on this. People say they can't hear me, but then this is a GPS unit, not a telephone.  There's quite a few other features.   What I do **NOT** like is that this unit is *awful* in giving efficient or correct directions. I know that all GPS units, regardless of cost will make errors. But this model is just terrible. I have found so many problems that I hardly know when I'm going to be driving around and around or getting the best most efficient route. Another problem is that with my old model if I missed the destination the Magellan would keep giving me directions to turn around and would eventually get me to my destination.  This model says, "you have arrived" and then that's it. If you pass the destination and need help getting back you have to enter the address all over again. I wouldn't recommend this model. Map Quality & Accuracy What I really like about this unit and didn't realize until I also bought a Garmin is that the Magellan maps show you the the name of the road or route on which you're currently driving. Ease of Use Some of the features are fairly intuitive while it seems others are a pain in the neck. Ia I already mentioned this model really took a step backwards from the previous one.

Henrico, VA


Magellan Maestro 4700 With AAA GUIDE


Magellan Maestro GPS 4700 is Very easy to use with reliable holder and a big screen. Besdie all of these great futures the GPS have AAA Guide for Business and Local Attractions which is very helpful in finding places to visit in an area you didn't do your rescreach for places to visit before visiting it. The biggest con for this unit is the outdated location of fast food resturants. Once it did take me in 9 miles drive to end up with no fast food resturant in sight area. another to find one in my way to another one 7 miles away from that locations.

Staten Island, NY


Lost? Try a GPS


I've been very happy with the Magellan Maestro 4700.  It has spoken street names, so I don't have to worry about looking at a screen while I am driving.  However, it also has very good 2D and 3D maps that I can choose to look at.  It is easy to switch between 2D and 3D maps. The touchscreen is very easy to use. The computer voice isn't perfect, but it is clear enough to understand. A unique feature is the highway lane assist, which shows the green highway signs and highlights the one indicating the lane you should be in.  It makes it very visual which is very helpful to me. I have used the points of interest feature to find the closest gas stations, of my brand choice, and can add that to my trip without cancelling and starting a new trip; you just add a stop to your route and it recalculates for you.  It will also do this for restaurants, banks, hotels, you name it.  The AAA points of interest has been very helpful. I wish it came with a wall charger, it only came with a car charger, which is annoying since I also have a cigarette lighter charger for my cell phone, so I constantly have to switch which one is plugged in if I need the GPS. I was also rather annoyed that my GPS doesn't seem to be Mac compatible.  It's not something I even thought would be an issue, but it cannot download it's updated maps when I use the USB cable to plug into my Mac.  At some point, I will plug into a friend's PC and see what happens, but I was very disappointed about that.  And I feel like it didn't mention the online updates required a PC. So far, I haven't had a problem not having updated maps, and regardless not all construction will be on updated maps.  It's just a fact of life. I have been very happy with the way the GPS will modify the trip when I veer off course, instead of beeping at me to make a U-turn you're going the wrong way.  It will sometimes say, when possible make a legal U turn, but it's adaptability is a plus. I can modify the trip based on four different criteria, though sometimes I do find local knowledge is hard to get the GPS to take into account and I just start ignoring it and turn it off.  It's gotten me out of several driving pickles.

Indianapolis, IN


Magellan Maestro Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

3.0 4