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Mack's Shut-Eye Shade Premium Sleep Mask

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My advice don't leave home without a Mack's Shut-Eye Sleep Mask


These relative inexpensive masks are lightweight, soft and easy to get used to, quite comfortable and a great way to get some rest on a plane and they are lightweight and you can tuck them in a handbag or such to carry with you.A dreaded overnight flight and from past experience we were sure that we would not be able to sleep on the plane. A friend suggested that we get sleep masks and I went shopping. There are a lot of brands and types of sleep mask available but the Mack's Shut-Eye Shade was a great choice. Called a premium mask I can't say enough about it. I was concerned about it fitting well and it turns out this mask was a great choice. The mask fit well on my smaller face as fit my husband larger face. The elastic band is what gives a snug but not tight fit and unlike Velcro doesn't leave a "wad" to lay on. These mask are very effective keeping the light out without your feeling that you are wearing something on your face. Actually neither one of us were bothered by them and we were able to get some much needed rest. Effectiveness The mask doesn't come in sizes but I was told it would fit both my husband and me. We both found the mask to be comfortable and the adjustable straps allowed it to fit both of us. We were surprised that we could open and close our eyes without bumping the mask. The mask are lightweight soft and had a nice feels. They blocked out all light and were very comfortable. We both slept for several houses and woke up relaxed. Ease of Application These mask are small but do a great job. They are easy to you and the adjustable strap make it easy to slip on or off. I already knew velcro straps were miserable and am a firm believer in elastic for adjusting. Scent These mask had no smell and the fit on the bridge of the nose.

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No sun, no fun? Sometimes you want to block out the light.


**Quick View:** A great sleep or relaxation mask for those who want to block out the light comfortably. Great for migraine sufferers. **The Mask ** This one size fits all unisex satin mask is black and contoured to fit around the bridge of the nose. It is lightly cushioned and comfortable. There are two elastic bands - one for the upper part of the head (above the ear) and one for the lower part (below the ear). They adjust to fit comfortably yet securely. The mask is large enough to completely cover the eyes and the sides of them so no light leaks through. **My Experience ** When I see sleep masks, I think of Joan Collins on Dynasty or some other celebrity who is pampered and spoiled. I mean, come on, a sleep mask? But when migraines hit, I would do almost anything to avoid the light. I slept with the mask on a couple of times to see how it would work. The mask was very silky and soft against my eyes and face and did block out light. I opened my eyes and saw nothing but blackness and sleep was good. The second time I used the mask, I woke up when I heard a sound. I hated that I couldn't just open my eyes and see what was going on. I had to pull up the mask first. Not a huge deal but when you're still asleep, remembering to whip off a mask over your eyes before you try to see can be a chore. I tend to wake up and look over at the clock a lot and that is impossible with the mask on. I found myself lifting the bottom of the mask and peeking out to see the clock then going back to sleep. When I get a migraine though I do no peeking. The mask is invaluable. It blocks the light without putting any pressure on my eyes and head and makes dealing with the pain of that kind of headache easier to deal with. I don't sleep with this mask on but I use it when I get migraines. It's also great for airplanes or road trips if you want to nap while someone else has your life in their hands. We used this mask for my eight-year-old nephew's birthday piñata. The kids couldn't see a thing and were swinging that stick all over the place. We closely monitored them and took the mask away from them once the toys and candy spilled to avoid any chance of the straps getting tangled and hurting them. Who would have thought a little satin mask could have so many uses? Obviously I have left out any sort of sexual uses this mask could have because you already thought about them way up at about paragraph two, I bet. Ha! **My Viewpoint** ***I give this mask 4 stars***. For those who need to darkness whether in bed, on a plane, in the car, or wherever light interrupts sleep, this mask will block light gently. For migraine sufferers, this mask can really cut down on discomfort and pain by removing the light that is so irritating during bouts. **Mack's Shut-Eye Shade Premium Sleeping Mask** is definitely a good buy for both men and women.

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Mack's Shut-Eye Shade Premium Sleep Mask

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