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MFG 412SS Percolator

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Excellent For Camping or Hiking


Some people refuse to bring a coffee pot with them when they are camping because they think they can rely on using a basic boil-in-pot method. That's great if you are using pods or have a strainer but I'd much rather have a percolator like this to enjoy a nice fresh-brew cup (or two) of coffee in the morning. You can brew two to twelve cups with this but getting the grind-to-coffee ratio to-taste can be a little tricky. This is not an electric / plug in coffee maker but there are several models that look exactly like this that are "plug in" models. I wanted to get the medium sized one for camping but couldn't find it at any of the local camping stores. Not being able to find the smaller sized pot has worked out to my advantage though; I can fill it with as much water as I need then let it come to a boil next to the fire or hanging over the fire. I can pour off the excess water and use it for heating up instant to freezer packed soups, hot tea or hot chocolate then just add the coffee grinds and let it complete the cycle.



MFG 412SS Percolator

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