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Drip Coffee Makers

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So nice and convenient!


I have to agree with a previous reviewer and say that this coffee maker is great if you are the only coffee drinker in the house. It is very convenient as it brews right into an individual travel mug so you can take it with you if you're on the go, and there's no waste! Also to agree with her/him, it does not brew 2 at once very well. It never fills them both up evenly for some reason, so if my husband wants coffee I usually just brew coffee twice.  I think Melitta has one now that has two separate places for coffee filters so they brew separately and you can even have different coffees for each mug if you want. That would be nice for this coffee maker, but I did get mine free as a trial for Belemondu coffee, so I guess I can't complain too much!

Blue Springs, MO


Great idea but only average performance


We received this as a gift and it is a great idea since we are only two who drink coffee and only one cup each.  It is convenient and appropriate for two people.  The only real issue is that the water does not get hot enough, it gets warm only and needs to be heated in the microwave.  The cups are not very well made either, the liner portion has come out of both cups and I need to press hard on it to pop it back into place after each use, I would NEVER use these as travel mugs.  Also, I only use one cup in the catch spot because when there are two the coffee drips in between the cups and makes a mess.

Brewster, NY


Great idea if you don't need a whole pot!


This is the perfect coffee pot for me. I am the only coffee drinker in my house and I do NOT need to drink a whole pot of coffee everyday! I have no complaints when only making coffee for myself. It works very quickly, I have a cup of coffee in just a few minutes and It was fairly inexpensive. Now for the negative. I am disappointed when I try to make two cups at the same time. The cups do not fill evenly and sometimes very hot coffee spills over one overflowing cup, while the other is only half full! I don't leave it unsupervised any longer when brewing more than one cup. My counter is level, but the machine apparently isn't. I have to prop it up on one side to try to make the cups fill even. It is a bit of a pain. I don't even bother anymore. If I have company I just make one at a time. I only deducted one star for the two cup disgrace. For me this is still the perfect, or almost perfect, coffee maker. I use it almost daily and only make one cup at time 99% of the time anyway.

Burlington, MI




This product is a great convenience as you can make either one or two cups of coffee rather than an entire pot.  Its great when you want that cup of coffee in a hurry and comes with travel mugs to take with you on the run.  I have purchased several of these to give as gifts and they were greatly appreciated.  I swear by this product and would be lost without it.

Effort, PA



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