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MEElectronics Headphones

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Great IEM's


The MEElectronics M9 Headphones are a great budget IEM. I wanted durability and value. Through a lot of research I found that these headphones matched my criteria. The MEElectronics M9 Headphones have wires that feel very strong. Many of my past earphones had issues with the wire, and they would always break. Sound quality is definetely not the best. But it is great for the price. The bass is slightly inflated, but that makes the sound more "fun" to me. It also comes with many extra accessories. There were a lot of different sized and styled earbuds. I tried them all and found the smallest size fit me best. I've had these for about 4 months and they are still working great. I use them for studying, running, and just chilling.

Duluth, GA


Just Works, Nothing Exceptional


First, these earbuds are symmetrical, which i find less useful than asymmetrical earbuds which you can drape around your neck and prevent them from slipping off your neck, or getting in the way, but that's just personal preference. The cords are encased in pretty durable material, but they keep their shape when bent, and it's annoying when they come out of your pocket always bent and twisted around. Also, it comes with a clip... that you cant remove very easily and it's annoying. As for sound, the earbuds come with a few tips so that you can find the perfect tip for you and they are decent, nothing to write home about. The highs are there, and the lows are there, but i've heard better from sennheisers around the same price. Personally, if you can get these for cheap, get them, but at it's MSRP, there are better out there.

Berkeley, CA


MEElectronics Headphones

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