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MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil - All Shades

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Great staying power, some colors better than others


I have tried many, many eyeliners in my day.  I have a big problem with liners and shadows creasing (I'm half Asian and can get slightly oily lids as the day wears on) so when I use poor quality liners they end up smudging off halfway through the day.  For a long time I used Lancome Le Stylo liner, which is nice and wears pretty well, but didn't go on the smoothest at times.  MAC Powerpoint goes on like butter!  It's very smooth to apply but sets up very quickly.  When I use it with a good primer it stays put.  I've fallen asleep with my makeup on and my liner barely budges at all.  My absolute favorite color is Stubborn Brown, a deep rich espresso brown that's great for every day.  I also have Powerpoint in Engraved (black) and I'm not as crazy about the color.  It seems to have a blue-ish undertone to it instead of being a pure black.  You definitely need to use a makeup remover or a good facial wash to get this liner off, but that's the point I guess.  My only complaints are it's a liner that requires a manual sharpener and I always feel like I waste a lot of the liner by having to sharpen it to a point each time - I wish they had it in a mechanical pencil form.  But it works so well I will stay pay for it!

Seattle, WA


MAC powerpoint eye pencil didn't make my eyes "pop"


While I find a beautiful selection of highly pigmented colors in the MAC line, including the eyeliner, I was disappointed in it. It comes out very sheer, which many people probably like. On me, however, it just made my eyes look washed out. The pigment wasn't very vivid, and wears off very easily. If you are looking for interesting color options, MAC is a go to line. Just don't expect the product to last very long or make your eyes really pop. Actually, one of the colors I got just made my eyes look red, like mouse eyes. The other one was not neutral enough to wear with many outfits and ended up looking garish. MAC, for a department store brand, is one of the more reasonably priced products and definitely original. Make up artists rave about it and it is a very artsy line. Quality is also a trademark of this line, therefore, this product disappointed me. It is not what I expected from MAC. Almost every product I have tried with them is very long wearing. This one was a disappointment though.

Millersville, MD


Fantastic every day liner


MAC's line of Kohl Power eyeliners are my everyday liners.  They are reliable and beautiful every single time.  The liners are great for daytime  when paired with a light or neutral shadow and are professional enough for work.  WIth a smokier shadow, they work for evening-wear as well.  The Kohl Power eyeliners give a nice kohl finish that go on smoothly and are easily blendable.  My personal favorites from this line are 14 Karat (a shimmery blackish-gold), Raven (a shimmery blackish-purple), Orpheus (the best--a shimmery taupe), and Mystery (a shimmery blackish-teal).  The liner is long lasting as well.  I believe the majority of the line has been discontinued (sad face), but they are still relatively easy to find on Ebay or in a Cosmetic Company outlet store (hooray for discounts).  When the day comes that they are no longer available, it will be a sad day indeed.  But they are definitely worth the hunt, because the colors are fantastic and innovative, and the pencils are easy to use and produce proven results every time.  In the meantime, I will be hoarding them.

Baltimore, MD


MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil - All Shades

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