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MAC Eyeshadow Frost - Nylon

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The absolute best eyeshadow money can buy


Mac's eye shadow is the absolute best eye shadow that money can buy! I ONLY use mac eye shadow. It lasts all night... and if you fall asleep... it will last until morning!  I use the color nylon every day. It works well for day time, on the lower lid, if you use a more neutral and light-ish color for the fold of the eye. It also works at night, and you can use a more dazzling color for the eye. I tend to match my eyeshadows to my clothing, so this works with pretty much any color. I use it for the lid.  The color also works better than any white. It has a slight shimmer, and it is not clear at all. It makes a good contrast if you wear a black eyeliner. I like it to be a drastic contrast so I use a liquid liner. I combine it, most of the time, with amber. If you use it light, it can be worn during the day. What I like about Mac, and in partivular this color, is you put it on, it is an ivory color, and you can wear it all day and all night, and it stays an ivory color. it doesnt fade like other brands, and even some of the other mac colors. For durability and color this is the best. The only draw back with mac is that it can get pricey, particularly if you are like me and like to use different shades. to solve that, you can buy a pallet...which is what I do... but I still buy this one on its own because I use it that much. My fav!

South Bend, IN


Mac eyeshadow , brighter more intense color that last!


Mac eyeshadow are a great product. The shadows are more pigmented , meaning brighter, more intense colors. Don't have to dig into your eye shadow , using it up quickly. Just a little dap a do! Last longer. Mac product are used by professionals but are at a price anyone can afford. Lov 'em!

Saint Clair, MO


MAC Eyeshadow Frost - Nylon

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