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Lucidol Lucidol Strawberry Caramel

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I just recently dyed my hair back in the summer after years of growing it out. Since I'm Asian, I have really dark, natural black hair. I heard that it was harder to dye natural black hair using regular American products since they weren't specifically made for Asian hair. I have friends who dyed their hair before using American products and they said that you also have to bleach it in order to get it to the color that you want, but I thought that was really troublesome, so I took a friend's suggestion to try Asian products and I ended up buying Lucidol: Strawberry Caramel. I have to say that I am quite pleased with the results. Even though I'd only dyed my hair like once before this summer, I really like the color that I have now. But since I have a lot of hair, I needed two boxes to dye it and at that time, it was barely enough to cover everything xP I think it would have been nice if they added more dye with each box. I was able to do some research beforehand and I read that the American dye products give you more dye compared to the Asian dye products, though I don't know if that applies for all American/Asian dye products. Aside from that, I think the product worked out very well because I only had to dye it once versus having to bleach it and dye it :]

Fremont, CA


Lucidol Lucidol Strawberry Caramel

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