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Low Profile Queen Size Anywhere Bed Frame

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Queen Size Bed Frame for Aerobed: No worries! It will fit.


I bought this bed frame for our queen-size Aerobed, so that my mother-in-law doesn't have to get sleep on the mattress on the floor. The plastic cover, which is attached to the frame, completely encloses the Aerobed mattress. The frame/cover combo is made so that the mattress overhangs the frame a bit on each side, but you can sit on the edge and it doesn't try to dump you off. When lying down, it feels very sturdy and supportive. We did have a lot of trouble trying to insert our fully inflated Aerobed into the plastic cover. We had to deflate the Aerobed a bit so we could get it all the way to the bottom, then pump it up again. Also, you can do the whole setup in a larger room where you can maneuver, then just pick up the frame with the Aerobed attached and move it wherever you want. It takes two people only because it's large, but it's very lightweight. The frame folds up into its own storage bag and doesn't take up much room.

North Aurora, IL


Low Profile Queen Size Anywhere Bed Frame

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