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Lotte Berk Method for Beginners - Muscle Eats Fat

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Intensive But Snooty Instructors


This was one of many, many exercise DVDs that I've attempted throughout the years. Ultimately I discovered that it wasn't for me, but it was nice to try. I wasn't in love with the method from the beginning. The thirty minute workout was a good length, but frankly, it was just too intensive for me. I don't to end a workout with quivering muscles and on the verge of tears because I can't complete the moves properly. This is great for dancers, or former dancers, but for mere mortals it's not ideal. It's just too frustrating and depressing when you can't complete the moves properly. The instructors have a very snooty attitude as well. They don't seem supportive or friendly, just snooty. I guess that comes from working at a snooty workout place in Manhattan. I have no use for a snooty woman being rude to me over a video in my own home. Overall, this is a good workout for dancers (or former dancers), but I wouldn't recommend it to new exercisers. It's much less stressful to ease into an exercise program with someone who isn't going to treat you rudely.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Your One Stop Ballet Booty Boot Camp!


I'm glad I am writing this review, it is reminding me to grab these tapes when I head home for the holidays.  The Lotte Berk tapes will give GREAT results, but you must be consistent, and you must integrate it into a complete plan.  Your muscles will WORK from these tapes, but you should be sure to include higher intensity cardio into your regimen as well if you are looking to lose weight.  But these are amazing strength and core focused workouts.  Perfect for dancers, or those who wish they were!

Fulton, MI


This is a TRUE video for beginners !!


I was encouraged to try this set of tapes by my sister in law who is a twig.  She always breezes throught theese videos. I already have a huge collection of videos that I just can not use. SO you can see that I was apprehensive at first till she brought it over for me to try. I enjoyed the positive and encouraging words that were spoken by the trainers.  I started out with the first tape begginers video.  They encourage you to try it everyday and give you realistic expectations about when you can expect to see some results I am just a beginner..but I am SO impressed. I am usually SO turned off by the videos because that are SO diffuclt to do and hard to follow. they usually do not give you the time to follow along.  This one even checks in to make sure you are maintaining the correct posture. This is neither!! It uses small body movements to get great results ! with the small body movement they explain that it will help build muscle and that that lean musle works on ridding your body of fat even when you are no longer working out. I was definatly sore after the first few workouts..but not the kinda sore where you can not move the next day. I felt the workout long after it was over! I am looking forwars to using it religioously and enjoying the benefits !!!!!!  The Lotte Berk offers several videos of different intensities and works on different trouble areas.  I have quite a bit to loose so I found the abs section to be a bit rough..but other than that I was thrilled and would recommend it to others.  

Kunkletown, PA


Lotte Berk! Awesome!! Great workout-leaves muscles shaking.


I started doing Lotte Berk's Muscle Eats Fat when I was pregnant with my second child and found that it really helped me move better throughout the day.  There is a lot of stretching involved during the workout.  The leader of the pack is very good about keeping you well informed as to how you should hold your body and the exact movements that you should make - the correct way.  Watch out though, you will get a good workout if you do exactly what she says. I am a runner and do not have much of a problem with running distances but when it comes to her thirty minute video I can shake for hours.  It feels great and leaves no question that you have succeeded in working out key muscle groupsI noticed that I was also very relaxed when finished with the video as if I had just done some yoga but used light weights.  Not at all hard to follow and you WILL see results.  A must try for all women (great for the thighs and butt). 

Cincinnati, OH


Whip your body into shape with this no nonsense workout!


**Quick View** This workout video is a no nonsense one that will whip you into shape and tone, firm, and strengthen your muscles while challenging you ever step of the way. Great for dedicated beginners and intermediate level exercisers. **The Full Story** Some say you can't get fit at home. I say that's hogwash. I don't like to go to gyms because, in all honesty, I end up talking and socializing more than working out. Plus I am VERY pressed for time. I own 200, maybe 300, workout videos and DVDs. These have been collected over the years. I even have Cher's, Shirley McClaine's, and every Richard Simmons workout made! Some are great, some not so great. If you want to WORK and not be coddled, get **Lotte Berk Method for Beginners - Muscle Eats Fat**. Beginners? Beginner whats? Not exercisers because this is one tough workout from start to finish. **The Workout** This workout focuses on all parts of the body and is not fancy or "fun". It is tough, it is unforgiving, and it works! I almost dropped from pain when doing it the first time but I was out of shape and pushing myself like I always do. If you are in intermediate level shape and want to tone up FAST, this is the DVD for you. Beginners, just take it easy and stop when you feel the burn or any pain and you'll find yourself building up to all the moves after a few sessions. Lotte Berk was a dancer who broke her back and was told she would never walk, let alone dance, again. She developed powerful strength building exercises and went on to open gyms in Paris. Her work lives on. This DVD is for women who want results fast. It isn't dangerous or hard to follow at all. It does not ask you to get into crazy positions or to do things that you can't. It simply works your muscles in a way that tones, firms, and burns fat all at the same time. **My Viewpoint** **Lotte Berk Method for Beginners - Muscle Eats Fat** will shape you up fast. No catchy tunes or perky "You can do it!" instructors but serious, pleasant ones who know what they are doing and expect you to know too, after a few workouts. Look for the bonus workout at the end. It's great and, when you're done, you KNOW you just did something wonderful for your body. ***4 stars.*** I would go with 5 but there are some props needed that they don't mention on DVD until it is time to use them and that caused me to stop the DVD, get the common props, and restart. They should clearly note what is needed. Otherwise, get fit FAST with the Lotte Berk method.

The heart of , NY


Lotte Berk Method for Beginners - Muscle Eats Fat

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