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Lorex LIVE snap Video Baby Monitor (White)

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Lorex Video Monitor with 2 cameras


We bought this camera right before our second child was born and our Summer Infant Day & Night monitor was on it's way out. We are now using it with two cameras and LOVE it. It has zero static and a crystal clear picture. I really like several of the settings. 1. Vox - you can set it to only power on when a noise is detected in the room being monitored. You can't do this when you have it switching back and forth between two cameras though. 2. Camera Switch - This is my favorite part of this camera. You can set it to switch between the cameras (up to four) every 8 seconds. It switches both audio and visual. This is great for when both of my kids are sleeping at the same time. 3. Power Save - This mode saves power by turning the video off after 15 seconds or 1 minute but leaving the audio on. I also use this at night, on the charger, so the light of the video doesn't bother me. 4. I also really like that the cameras don't have to be plugged in after they are charged. If my baby takes a nap in her swing, I can unplug the camera and move it to where I can see her. A few things I would change about the monitor. 1. I love that the handheld is very light but wish it had a flip out stand so it could stand when not on the charger. 2. Adding to #1, the speaker is on the bottom of the handheld so when it is flat on the table or couch the sound can be muffled. 3. I wish it had the ability to pan and zoom like some other cameras on the market do.

Valley, NE


Summer Infant Day and Night Flat Screen Color Video Monitor


I recently bought a summer infant 7 inch video baby monitor, long story short I retruned it. I then bought the **Summer Infant Day and Night Flat Screen Color Video Monitor. **I got it and immediately opened it. I noticed I had to charge it so I did, while I did I read the manual. I was a little worried that it was completely wireless. The instructions said monitor would last around seven hours and the camera only six while daylight and less than four while in night visions. This worried me because the main reason I got it was to leave the camera on at night and turn the monitor off. I was only going to turn the monitor on if I heard my son crying. Per the instucions the camera would be long dead before he woke up in the middle of the night. I was able to bypass this problem by keeping the camera plugged in through the nite. I would only turn the monitior on if he woke up. Thus never running out of battery. Picture quality awesome, even in complete darkness.

Battle Ground, WA


Lorex LIVE snap Video Baby Monitor (White)

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