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L'Oreal Paris
L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze One-Day Tinted Gel

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Not impressed


It did not make me much tanner. The tanner took a while to fully develop and while waiting for it to develop it was very sticky almost like I had just covered myself in honey. For the color payoff it's not worth it.. disappointed.

Lubbock, Tx


Streaky, Sticky, Messy


Since I'm very pale skinned and sunless tanning solutions usually leave me looking like an Oompa Loompa I decided to give L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze One-Day Tinted Gel a try. I liked the idea that it was a gel so it wouldn't add any greasiness to my skin which you definitely do not need in the heat of the summer. I found the gel to dry quickly but it felt quite strange on my skin. It was almost like after you apply pure aloe. It was stiff almost. It did not leave my skin greasy though, and it was easy to smooth on. Once this dried I became concerned about its staying power immediately upon giving myself a last pat down with my white towel and noticing brownish residue. Thinking I was overreacting I started to get dressed, only to notice brownish residue on my clothing as I put it on. Almost as if I had been wearing a very dark powder and it was rubbing off. That was not cool. I also noticed at that point that the color was becoming streakier by the moment. It was definitely uneven. After that I just gave up and got undressed again and got back in the shower to remove it. It did come off immediately with my usual shower gel in conjunction with my mesh shower pouf. So, while the application and removal were easy the actual product was a nightmare and this went back to the store the very next day. I really cannot recommend it at all.

Vernon Rockville, CT


I don't like Sublime Bronze One Day by L'Oreal


  I  like L'Oreal. So when they came out with this new product last summer I fell for it.  I bought Sublime Bronze One Day instant tanning gel because I am fair skinned and wanted a darker look in the summer with the convenience of being able to get darker on the spot. This is not a self-tanning gel, it is just color you can apply on your body. The description on the bottle promises that the gel "delivers a sheer tint of bronze color that lasts up to one day". It also promises "no streaks" and "long-lasting hydration". To apply it, I followed the instructions step by step: I washed and dried myself, then applied the gel on my legs. I let it dry and finally got dressed. The result was horrible: the color, far from being a natural hue of bronze, was a hideous reddish nuance. Also, there were streaks of darker color and my skin felt dry and tight. Since I could not go out with my lower legs looking like that, I washed the product off my calves and ankles. As promised (for once) the gel came off right away just with water and soap. Unfortunately, at that point I didn't have time to take a shower to take the color off my thighs as well, so I just went out on my errands. A couple of hours later when I returned home and took my pants off to change, I noticed that the color had bled into the fabric. So much for the claim of being able to last for one day. I guess sweating can also wash it away. Since then, I have tried to use it another couple of times, hoping that my poor results were due to operator error. The outcome was the same, so I stopped trying to use it and accepted  the loss of my money. I do not recomend this product to anybody.

Falls Church, VA


L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze One-Day Tinted Gel

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