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Logitech Internet Navigator keyboard

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Excellent keyboard!


In this era of wireless keyboards and mice, it is nice to have a durable, simple keyboard that does the job and does it well. That is exactly what the Logitech Internet Navigator is. A USB wired keyboard for which I don't have to find and charge batteries, worry about signal interference or receiver breakdown. It is built not too differently from wireless Logitech keyboards I have used, but it does the same things without four batteries and a receiver lying around, which is a big plus in my book. The keyboard has eight programmable hot keys, in addition to programmable F-keys. These F-keys are pre-programmed to common commands and locations such as undo, redo, My Computer, My Pictures, etc, but they can be easily changed after downloading iTouch from Logitech's website. iTouch lets you program keys to launch applications, URLs, even specific keystrokes. There are some dedicated media keys on the keyboard as well that work with many common media programs. The only thing I don't like about this keyboard is that the F-lock, which locks the F keys to their standard functions, is not activated by default. This is an inconvenience, for example, in Word. F7 is pre-programmed to print. F7 in Word is a short cut for spell check. Often I forget F-lock isn't on and send a print command when all I want to do is a spell check. I wish there was a way to program this into the keyboar's "memory", but other than that this is a five-star keyboard.

Fremont, CA


Logitech Internet Navigator keyboard

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