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Lock 'n Seal
Lock 'n Seal Laminate Flooring

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Easy to install and looks great!


I have installed flooring before - but this is the easiest installation I have found! Lock 'n Seal comes with "integrated sound conditioner underlayment", which means there is foam backing already attached. It may not sound like much, but it made installation much easier than using separate foam underlayment. The locking feature was very easy to figure out - and not having to use any glue is a great time saver ---- And the floor looks GREAT! So far it is in two bedrooms - the office is yet to come! It comes with a 25 year warranty and is VERY easy to maintain. Simply vacuum or sweep, lightly mop upon occasion and it it done! Spills, pet hair, and other debris are very easy to make disappear! The manufacturer does suggest a rug or a doormat near any outside door to collect dirt and heavier moisture. The color we choose is Sonoma Cherry, but I am sure the other available finishes would look great too!

Daytona Beach, FL


Lock 'n Seal Laminate Flooring

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