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LiveStrong Elliptical Exercise Machine LS-13.02E

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Great for Total Body


I bought this for myself, but now my whole family uses it. It is simple and easy. There are variable programs installed or you can set your own pace. It monitors calories burned, time, speed, distance, heart rate. It also has a variable speed fan which is a nice plus. There is also an incline is you choose to challenge yourself. This is simple to put together, but it is heavy, therefore not easy to move around and does take up a good amount of space in your home. But it is a great product, does what it is supposed to do, and seems that it will last for years. Performance I feel that this piece of exercise equipment does a great job of toning my entire body. It works your arms and legs, which in turn strengthens your core also. It is low impact and you can set your own pace or choose from many setting available on the machine. Comfort This machine is for people of all sizes. My husband and I both use, and now my 11 year old son has started to use it. You can use the handles that move with each stride, or you can hold on to the ones that do not move, but monitor your heart rate. Ease of Use This is user friendly. Anyone can use this. It is all touch buttons and simple. Could not get easier. Just get on and go. Durability This seems to be very well made and durable. It is quite heavy and not easily moveable. But so far we have had no problems. Design This is very well designed and durable. Nothing missing that I would want to ad to it.



LiveStrong Elliptical Exercise Machine LS-13.02E

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