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Little Tikes
Little Tikes Double Easel

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The Little Tikes Double Easel is works great.


We bought the Little Tikes Double Easel for our daughters two years ago. They played with the Easel a lot in the first few months, then they still use it today. One problem is that it was still a little high for our yougest to use the easel. I also did not like it only had a clip on one side I had to find a magnetic to put on the other side to hold the paper so they both could paint. My daughters love to paint and this year we are homeschooling for kindergarten and have used the easel wuite a bit for art projects. I love that it folds up and is easy to move. Also I like that they can't close it up by themselves. I also wish the tray was a little bigger on the sides, so they could fit a few more paints. It is very easy ti clean it up and any marks that are made on them comes right off. My daughters like to color on the sides with dry erase markers and I can just wipe it doen with a wet cloth and it cleans right up. I highly recommend this for anyone with kids.

Milwaukee, WI


Little Tikes Double Easel

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