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Link A Doos Motion and Music Barnyard Gym

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The FP Link A Doos Barnyard Gym is a very fun play mat for baby!


I bought the Fisher Price Link a Doos Music and Motion Barnyard Gym 4 years ago when I had a 4 month old. This was the best play mat out there that I could find at the time. My daughter absolutely loved it! The music and motion part of the Fisher Price Link a Doos Music and Motion Barnyard Gym is what makes it so entertaining for little children. The music and motion really grab their attention! The cow in the middle of the mat moves back and forth, and the toys that hang off of it then move too. This gives the child a moving target to grab at! The music is fun too! There are 2 volume levels as well. There are also several other play things to keep them occupied. There is a mirror, a fake one of course, that always gets a child's attention. There is also a little ball attached to the mat, several 'crinkly' animal ears for the baby to get a hold of and play with, and a couple of taggies to play with. The colors are so bright and fun. This play mat is also great for tummy time. The colors are wonderfully intriguing and there are little ribbons for the child to play with. I used this through my daughter, and then let a friend borrow it for hers. I know have it back and my youngest daughter will be the next one to get a round with the Fisher Price Link a Doos Music and Motion Barnyard Gym.

Gate City, VA


The barnyard gym keeps baby's interest.


I purchased one of these used for my now 3 year old little boy. This has a nice playmat attached to a freestanding toy bar that has farm animals on it. Three animals hang down toward the playmat where your baby can see and reach up to grab. The center one is connected to a cow that will swing forward and backward thus moving the hanging toy too. It has very nice sounds like cows mooing plus music like Old McDonald had a Farm. It also has a on/off and two volume settings. The niceest part of this activity gym is that it will automatically start the cow moving after a  period of time as long as the toy is turned on. It makes it nice because your baby has something to watch without you having to go back and push a button again to make it start over. I liked this gym so much I had to search another one out after having gotten rid of my first one and finding out we were expecting another little boy. Now I have this gym again and my new little man is enjoying it very much! The only slight downside to this is the playmat is quite slippery so when he goes over on his tummy he can't get a good grip with his arms and gets frustrated about that.

Portage, MI


Link A Doos Motion and Music Barnyard Gym

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