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Lexmark Z31 InkJet Printer

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Lexmark z31 is a cheap printer, but works very well


I recently purchased a new printer and this was the other one I had. I got a new all-in-one printer, but I never had any problems with my Lexmark. The only reason I purchased a new one was because I wanted a fax machine, and also my son is about to start college soon so I figured he could just take this one with him and I could get an all-in-one printer with the scanner, fax machine, copier, and so on. But back to the is a great printer. It isn't the most expensive printer or the most hightech one, but it does exactly what it is supposed to do without any problems. It prints well and fairly fast and it is an excellent prince. It doesn't get jammed often adn after years it never quit. I recommend this to anyone looking for a printer that is on a budget. This is also a perfect printer for a college student to have in their dorm room or apartment.

Chicago, IL


Simple z31 Printer


I purchased this printer along with my very first desktop Compaq computer. it was part of a bundle package and was excited at the time to even own a printer. now as i look back, i see that that lexmark was way too simple and lacking in a lot of stuff which todays printers can do. The lexmark is basically extremely simple, its resolution is just too plain and not really worth it to buy one with todays far superior photo printers and multitasking all in one printers which available for a relatively affordable prices. One thing i did like was that it used just 2 cartridges in total, one for color and one for black, my newer one has 4. This meant 2 cartridges to replace costs less than replacing all 4. The printer is very slow to print out even simple text only paper, and color pictures took forever. Overall i would highly NOT recommend this printer to anyone, even if you get it for free its probably not worth it.

Glen Oaks, NY


Lexmark Z31 InkJet Printer

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