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Lexmark Wireless All-In-One Printer X4975

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Lexmark X4975 - Good, not great


It's a great printer besides the fact that takes forever to send a signal to the printer after you click on Print. Around 10 to 30 seconds to the printer start moving. I'm using wireless but I did try with cable, still does the same thing. And the printer keeps getting lost and aking me to reinstall everytime I use, but it got fixed after I updated with new driver from the website. Everything else is great.

Cornelius, NC


Easy to Use


I really like the Lexmark x4975.  The wireless capability it great.  You can have the printer anywhere in the house and still print to it.  You do have to make sure your computer has WiFi though.  At least that's the only way I've been able to make it work.  I also like that you can put a document or photo on the printer to scan and it'll scan right to your computer without wires.  It's great.  You can even print two sided documents.  No more printing one side and then having to flip the paper over to print the other side.  Also, the photo card capability is really cool.  You can take lots of different types of photo cards, plug them right into the printer, and print out the photos without ever using your computer.  You can even save the photos to your computer from the printer.  It's just really sweet.  The print quality is great too.  I do recommend using photo paper for your pictures because they come out very plain on regular paper. 

Haverford, PA


great quality printer


I have had a few different versions of the three in one printer, but I have found that the Lexmark x4975 3 in 1 wireless inkjet wth USB ports is my favorite of the bunch.  I think the best thing about this lexmark printer is that it produces top notch images from all three areas in printing, scanning, and copying. There is also a great touch screen that allows you to pick and choose options and change settings extremely easy.  Since the printer has wireless technology, you are able to easily print documents off from the web, and you can also access the web via your printer, which is extremely useful.  The printer uses high quality ink cartridges, which are somewhat expensive, but you can always adjust the print settings to prolong the life of the cartridges.  The computer comes with both a black and color, so you already have a little bit to experiment with.  And the printer receives an energy star for its green qualities, so it is great for energy saving!

Saint Louis, MO


Great all round printer - Especially for photos


Great all-in-one.  Color photo copies are excellent.  When printing photos you have to change ink cartridge to photo cartridge, but you have to put it in the black ink cartridge side and this is not well marked and not in manual.  I had to call and took 20 mins. to figure out on the phone.  Once this was figured out, I printed beautiful pictures that I enlarged and hung on my wall.  I have not faxed with the printer, but I have scanned, printed and copied and everything goes smooth and as expected.

Miami, FL


Lexmark Wireless All-In-One Printer X4975

4.0 4