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Lexmark Prestige All-In-One Printer

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Lexmark Prestige Pro 85 (A4) is the best printer made today!


I always have and always will recommend and purchase Lexmark prodcts today and in the future. The thing I love most about Lexmark printers are they provide customer service support free no matter how long you have owned the product. I just bought this printer when I received my income tax in Febuary 2011 and I love it. It is the best printer I have yet to own made by Lexmark. It performs all the functions I need and want for home or work purposes. It is very easy to use and very wasy t set up. If I can set it up on my own with no help then anyone can. It is faster by scanning, printing, and faxing than other printers I have owned in the past. Most printers require alot of money for the ink cartridges, but this one has very reasonable and affordable princes. Go out today and you will see exactly what I mean.

Lake City, FL


Great PHOTO and everday excellent quality printer


This printer is very user friendly. It prints with great quality. I love this printer I use it to print excellent quality photos and I also use it to print coupons and everday school papers, etc. The color ink can get a little pricey however the yield is excellent. This ink goes a long way and the black ink is guaranteed at the cheapest rate.

Scranton, PA


This Lexmark Prestige Pro 805 is great for printing coupons!


I like the ability to control whether it uses my color or black ink. Especially with printing coupons, I want to keep my costs on ink down so I like being able to use black and white print with draft printing. My ink goes much further. Another thing I like about this printer is that if there is an error, which sometimes happens when trying to print internet coupons (and you are only allowed 2 prints!) it almost always keeps it in queue so I can correct the problem and still get my prints. It will also turn itself on if I forget and try to print a coupon, also preventing loss. It goes into sleep mode on it's own, too, great when I forget to shut it off. I have found Lexmark printers last very well considering all the printing I do.

Trenton, FL


BEST printer ever!


You can practically get a printer for free today, but in the end you make up for it in the cost of ink.  Not with this printer thought, it was inexpensive as printers go, but the quality is top of the line.  And with ink cartidges for about 5 a piece, it won't break the bank.

Cary, NC


I love my Lexmark


The Lexmark Prestige Pro 805 Colour All-in-One Wireless printer/copier/scanner is fantastic. Yes, it is a very expensive printer. I was fortunate to receive this baby as a gift, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Set up was so easy. Just put the included CD in your computer and follow the instructions. It walks you through everything step by step and, half an hour later, you have a fully functioning wireless printer. The image quality is fantastic. You have a lot of different options. I use "quick print" in black and white for every day printing - coupons, papers, lists, etc. When printing resumes, photos, etc. I use color in a high print quality and it comes out great. Quick print is good too, but comes out a little lighter and not so well defined. I love that it gives me the option to save ink. The wireless is so awesome. I can be downstairs on my laptop and send something to print upstairs in my office! So easy. It's very reliable. The ink is super cheap too!

Campbell, CA


Lexmark is Great


I have always had a Brother printer for some reason through the years and was ready to buy a new wireless so after much research I settled on my Lexmark Prestige and could not have been happier with it.I am using alot less ink with my Lexmark than I ever have with the Brother .When I am ready to print something than it is ready too.Not to mention no paper jams with this great unit.I will now always buy a Lexmark.

Shelby, NC


Lexmark Prestige All-In-One Printer

4.8 6