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Lexmark Jet InkJet Printer

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You get what you pay for with this Lexmark printer.


I was in need of a printer last minute and this one was cheap enough. It came with trial ink cartridges that didn't last long and I didn't give much thought to that. I soon came to find out that the regular ink cartridges didn't last long either. I was the only one who used this printer and mostly used this printer for school projects and papers. There would be a couple weeks in between projects and I found that the ink cartridges would dry up in that time. The color cartridge would cost more than the original cost of the printer. Talk about sticker shock! This Lexmark doesn't take up much room so if have a limited amount of space to put things this would be the ink jet. Be sure to have an ample supply of money to spend on ink cartridges though. This printer also didn't come with any kind of connection cable for the computer, since it was made before the time of wireless linking a cable is a must. So that is an additional expense. The quality of the prints is a far cry from what printers can do now I would recommend a different printer.

Oceanside, CA


not worth the money


the lexmark jet z22 ink jet printer does not cost a lot ,which is good, but the refill cartrage are so expensive that you can almost buy a new one. the one i had, had the color cartrage with it, so as expensive as they are you can buy another printer almost as cheap. the printer did a very good job of printing things. i used it in my class room .i teach three of my grandchildren as homeschoolers., i traded my lexmark jet z22 ink jet printer for a canon printer, scanner, and coppier all in one. the lexmark did avery good job, and had very clear pictures , but as much as i use it in my school work it gets too doesn't take a lot of room to store it, which is a plus.all in all it is not a bad printer, but very expensive to buy cartrage's for as much as we use it in school.the children did not have a hard time using it though. but they do not have a hard time using the cannon printer.

Bates City, MO


Lexmark Jet InkJet Printer

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