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Lexmark All-In-One Printer X6675

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Just an average All-In-One


I've had this Lexmark X6675 All-in-One for a few years now. It's a pretty average printer in my opinion. I have not had too much trouble with it but I have had to re-install the software a time or 2 to correct errors. Right now I am having trouble with it not printing once in a while. The only way to get it to print is to restart my computer - what a pain! Guess I'll have to try re-installing again! The ink usage is pretty average for an ink jet. I do keep it defaulted to draft mode in order to save on ink. If I have to print out a picture or something of higher resolution, then I put it on a finer mode of printing. Ink cartridge prices are about average also. I rarely print photos but would not recommend this printer if you do that very often. The photo printing quality is not that great. The wireless printing capability is fine for two of the other computers in the house but I have yet to get it to work on my newest mini laptop since I cannot use the discs to install the software. Performance Loses wireless connections quite frequently and I have to restart my computer to get it to print.

Auburn, IN


Best Printer we ever owned


This is by far the best printer there is. It is easy to use. The fax works great has walk thru steps to help you do all the features. Even transferring pictures from your camera card to the computer is easy and you can pring a proof sheet with no need to connect to the computer at all! I wll say ink is a bit high in price but the  high yield cartridge really let you print alot of pages. I was a skeptic when this printer arrived at the house but I am thrilled with it! I have had no problems what so ever with it. I love this printer!

Gary, IN


This lexmark x6675 printer is an excellent printer.


  Lexmark x6675 All in one, professional printer is an excellent printer. I have had very few paper jams in the year I have had it. Maybe only five altogether. it is wireless so I can have my laptop anywhere in the house and it will still print on the printer in my room. It prints beautiful pictures and scrapbook pages for my digital scrapbooking hobby and it will print cards front and back with only a manual flip of the paper. It prints amazingly well on any kind of paper from regular print paper, and cardstock, to any kind of photo paper and never leaves ink on your hands from the printed item even when it is really wet from ink saturation. One of the other things i love about Lexmark is the ink return program. for every five ink cartridges you return you get one free one and for every 5 ink cartridges bought in a 12 month period also gives you a free ink. This program is not only good for the environment but it has also saved me a chunk of money that i didn't have to spend on ink. When I bought my Lexmark printer I also got a 5 year warranty which was included with the purchase of the printer. Another big money saver. This printer has a memory of it's own as well and will let me edit photos. i usually do it on my computer from the Lexmark program automatically downloaded with the disk that came with the printer.  This printer also allows you to use a SD card, USB key and other things to save things onto the printer to print or to copy or scan something and the printer will save it on the SD or USB for easy transfer to your computer without using cables to transfer information. I can take the SD card out of my camera put it in the printer and print what I want. or put it in the computer choose what I want and print it from the computer with no wires attached except for the power cords. This is an amazing printer that I would recommend to anyone.                                  Sincerely, Hyscrapper

Magna, UT


lexmark 6675 is great printer


What I like about this lexmark printer all in one is that it is wireless.  I can work from the next room- great!  Only problem is ink is expensive like most printers.  But I like the wireless part the best.  It makes it very much worth it.  Especially when I broke my wrist and couldn't carry my laptop into the next room to print.

San Diego, CA




Reviewing Lexmark X6675. The X6675 is the most reliable 4 in 1 Printer, scanner, fax and photo machine. I have used the heck out of it and it just keeps going! There  have been very few paper jams in this model of machine. Which is something I can not say about some of the brands of copy machines in the past that I have used. I love having a scanner and fax available at all times. This is something that a lot of people out there would not think they would use but will find out shortly just how often you will use iusedt when having it available.I would most definately recommend this product!

Mobile, AL


one of the most greatest printers i have ever used from lexmark.


this is one of my favorite printers from lexmark it does exerything a printer should do. grat quality prints and great for when im printing out pictures for my whole family reccomend to the fans like me of lexmark products

Bakersfield, CA


Lexmark All-In-One Printer X6675

4.0 6