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Lexmark All-In-One Printer X658de

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The lexmark XS658 works harder than most people in the office


I had been looking for an inexpensive, reliable all in one printer for some time.  Most of the all in one printers in the industry were just to big physically for my office, not to mention way out of my budget price wise.  I have found this printer to be user friendly with the one touch icons directly on the large panel.  I also found the color scanning to be helpuful.  Although I don't do much color printing the color scanning comes in handy when e-mailing.  The toner cartridge is easy to replace without a mess.  Lexmark also offers a variety of other solutions such as Education Station which allows you to print and grade test verses ordering bubble sheets and sending for the results to companies such as Scantron.  This printer has a nice small footprint which makes it perfect for someone who does not have alot of space in the office.  Toner is reasonable and easy to find.  In addition I found the 800 number helpful for any questions regarding this product.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an inexpensive reliable all in one copier/printer/scanner.

New Lenox, IL


Lexmark All-In-One Printer X658de

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