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Lexmark All-In-One Printer X6570

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x6570 is awesome


My all in one is the best thing. I does everything I want it too. It prints,scans, and faxes. It have given me much pleasure. I would recommend it to anyone. I always wanted one and finally found the one I wanted. Great product.

Fort Worth, TX


Annoying drivers


Everytime Imake an update on my PC the drivers on this device go bonkers, it wont scan it wont print.... I have to completely u and reinstall the driver all the time,the ink isnt very cheap either, I wouldnt really recommend it... I've noticed this is an overall Lexmark issue though...

Melbourne, FL


Lexmark's 'all in one printer' really does have it all!


Lexoemark's all in one printer really is an excellent product to by especially if you work at home or are looking to open your own home business. The software is easy to install, plus you have a menu guide to place favorite photos, how many pages you have printer, fax features, and more...

Ashtabula, OH


wifi is great but uses way too much ink


Love that I can carry my laptop around and print without wires but....have never used any printer that needed ink cartridges as often as the Lexmark 6570. A message pops up telling you to reorder ink and will take you directly to the Lexmark order page. I think it's a scam!

Beaverton, OR


Great all in one with a few minor glitches


    As a normal HP user, I took a chance with the Lexmark x6570.  It's a pretty hefty all-in-one, but its size is made up by its solid quality.  Unlike the HPs, I found that the Lexmark was a bit more durable, with more solid pieces and seems less likely to physically break.    The printer is pretty fast, it rolls out a black and white word document in about four seconds on normal print settings.  The color isn't much slower - at about eight to ten seconds for a 4x6 color image.  It's print quality is very good.  Digital pictures look true and the warms blend nicely with the cools.    The additional modes (scanner, copier, and fax) are very user friendly - the keypad interface is wonderful.  The scanner is very easy to use and integrates with your computer just like your printer.  The copier is simple to use, as well.  The 2-sided copy is a very handy feature for copying.    I love using my WiFi printer at school because i can be anywhere in my dorm (in bed, at the lounge, and even in the bathroom, as well as my desk) and as long as i'm connected to the wireless network, I can print.  And if there seems to be a problem with your wireless network or you don't have a wireless network at all, there is a usb port like all other newer printers.  This can also be handy because sometimes the printer has problems with wireless connectivity - which is the only drawback I have found with this all in one.  And since this is the only WiFi printer I have found on the market in its class, I found this to be the best all in one I have used.

Villanova, PA


Lexmark x6570 All-In-One InkJet Printer is Not a one Time Buy


  This is a nifty printer.  It's a tremendous space saver. You don't have to have a separate printer, fax machine, scanner, and copy machine. Well, that is if you have the money:   In the matter of about one month, the color and black ink already needed to be replaced. This happened 3x. That was printing no photos, and just regular paper stuff. With previous old printers, I never had to replace the ink for at least 6 months! My family and I no longer even use the printing feature anymore. Instead we use our laser jet whose ink lasts for a year. If we used the Lexmark for all our printing, we would be paying aprox. 40 bucks a month including shipping. Not worth it, unless you don't mind spending money on it each month. However, if you hardly ever print anything, than I'm sure you'll be just fine. *Maybe. {How did I know Lexmark needed more ink? Lexmark gives you a little screen on your computer, telling you the inks almost out (or out). It then give you a nice link to a site where you can buy the ink. }*   It does print nice quality, and it does have many great features. One being that you can email pictures to someone through it. Extra quick and easy; which in that case you don't have to worry about using your ink.    

Lawrenceburg, TN


Lexmark All-In-One Printer X6570

3.7 6