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Lexmark All-In-One Printer X5495

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The Lexmark X5495 is a great all in one printer, Love love it.


I have had my Lexmark X5495 for over a year now, it is the best when it comes to an all around printer, I use it for scanning, printing, downloading photo's.  It is just absolutely great.  So great in fact that when I was in the market for another printer I got another Lexmark!!!!!

Montrose, WV


The Lexmark X5495 is a good investment.


The Lexmark X5495 covers most of your needs. It is a copier, scanner, fax, and allows you to use a photo card to download photos. I've dropped many things, including change, credit cards, and paper down inside, but it still works. My only complaint is the price of the ink. And don't you dare attempt to refill your own cartridges because Lexmark has coded their printers and it knows it's not a Lexmark cartridge. Believe me, I contacted Lexmark and they didn't deny it.

Millersburg, PA


One of the best printers out today!


Lexmark all in one printer is one of the best printers that is out there in today's market. It does practically everything and it is simply amazing. This Lexmark printer has the amazing capability of scanning, copying, faxing items that you need faxing, and also printing out anything that needs printed out. It is pretty pricey but this multi tasking multi-duty printer is the best there is out there. Lexmark has the capability of doing what needs to be done in a short amount of time. If you need something faxed, then just bring up the part of the Lexmark on the computer that is needed, put in the information needed and let the machine go from there. If you do not need the computer, you can use the Lexmark directly. Simply put the fax number in and follow the directions. The machine will simply do the rest for you. If you need to scan something, then put what need to scan and follow the directions. This machine is simply one of the most amazing machines ever built.

Ulster, PA


The Lexmark x5495 is a great printer for the price


     This printer is very easy to use, the fax is a great help and the scanner scans several photos at a time so if you are doing a large job that is REALLY helpful!  If you do need help, the free tech help, at an 800# is excellent...they speak ENGLISH too!  I have used this a great deal and have to change the ink cartridges a lot less than some other printers I had in the past! I'd definitely tell anyone to get one.

Jefferson, NH


Great price for a great printer.


The Lexmark X5495 all-in-one printer make life and work easier for home and office work. It work great when conected to a great pc that has the power and right operating system to handle it.It can copy fast and clear, also send and receive fax anytime of the day or night when set properly. Scan always work great for me with this unit any paper you tryto scan will come out the way you scan it and also can be touched up if need with the programs that come with this printer. The printer can take files from a scan disk and print them aslo can print picture from any digital camera that is connected to the pictBridge connection on the front of the unit. Another great feature is the color or black print buttons on the unit which helps when needing a certain type of copy to make. Did I mention the four different modes that it has which are copy, scan, fax, and photo card which can be used in conjuction with the phone book mode that works with the fax. So if you need a all-in-one printer at a great price try the lexmark X5495 at low prices.

Greensboro, NC


Lexmark X5495 Printer


This is a replacement printer The first one I had Would not let me install the replacement Ink> I called the manufacturer and they were very Nice sent me another one right Away I love this printer easy to use If I had one complaint it would be I think the ink for it is a little expensive

Milford, VA


Lexmark X5495. Great but crazy sometimes?


We got it as a christmas gift from a family member a few years ago. I'm a school teacher, so I print out a lot of stuff, and I would say it's a pretty good printer most of times. But we had sever occasions that the printer would go on and off itself or stops in the middle of printing. We called the customer service and were told to unplug for a while. It worked sometimes, but sometimes doesn't. Very frustrating at times. I think it has a mind of it's own.

Nashville, TN


Satisfied but not Amazed


I bought this as a replacement/upgrade from my HP.  I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. For one, the paper holder is in the back, so all of the paper that is fed through has this indentation type thing from where it has caught the feeder.  Very unprofessional, especially on business documents, or for a picky person like myself. It also seems to just eat the ink like crazy! And, the only ink cartridges I can find are ones that say they are remanufactured. Now, I do recycle mine but, If I wanted to buy a refilled cartridge, I'd do it myself for half the cost. You can't lift to see the cartridges without the printer automatically wanting to align them. This is frustrating if you simply need to get the numbers of check ink levels. The scanner seems to be a bit off when laid on the screen yet, when fed through the document feeder things are fine. And, often times, the auto-feeder likes to pull multiple pages at a time; this is very frustrating when sending a fax. It said it did double sided printing...well really it just prints every other page then asks you to turn the papers over and put them back in. The fax was very had to get set up. The instructions weren't clear on paper or CD tutorial. I've had this printer for a few months now and I still am not fully comfortable with all of it's functions. I really wouldn't recommend it.  Especially if you aren't very technologically capable to self instruct and solve problems.

Tulsa, OK


Lexmark All-In-One Printer X5495

4.3 8