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Lexmark All-In-One Printer X4530

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Not really what I wanted


I got this printer a few years ago and I can honestly say I can not wait until it no longer works anymore.  I thought that this would be a great printer.  Maybe for someone who doesn't print a lot but I do.  I go through a ton of ink and the ink is pricey.  The only thing I like is the program to recycle the cartridges.  I have never been able to use the scanner but can cop and print.  The wireless seems to go out whenever it wants to so I am constantly having to set that up over and over.  I really will get a better printer that is less costly on ink whenever this printer dies out on me.  I will not recommend this printer to anyone that wants a simple printer.  I would also not reccommend this to anyone that wants to use a range of functions either.  Make sure you recycle your cartridges so that you can at least get something for free and save a little money.  Better yet save your money and get a a different printer

Hixson, TN


Love my Lexmark X4530 All-In-One InkJet Printer.


I purchased my first home computer in December of 2007, and I was going to wait a few months to buy a printer to go with it. But to my surprise, my wonderful Mom bought me one for Christmas a few weeks later! She bought me a Lexmark X4530 All-In-One InkJet Printer, and I have loved it ever since! It was very easy to set up, and only took about five minutes. I have had to replace the ink cartridges several times, and that too is very simple. I am an avid couponer, so the majority of what I print are internet printable coupons. This printer is excellent for the many coupons I print out each day. It is very speedy compared to other printers I have used in the past. I use the copy/scanner mode quite frequently too. It is a great way to keep track of my receipts, without all of the paper clutter. I love to scan in old photographs to have a digital copy of my fondest memories.  I have tried to print out a few pictures using the photo mode on this printer, and I just don't like the look of how it comes out.

Tremonton, UT


Lexmark X4530 good printer, bad with vista.


DO NOT USE ON VISTA...BECAUSE THIS IS MY STORY OF WHAT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY. This printer is a very nice all in one printer. You can copy, scan, and print photos. It works well with XP after it is set up. This printer is not very nice or user friendly when trying to connect with a vista computer using wireless. I couldnt figure out why the computer was not recognizing that I installed the drivers for the printer.My computer said something about the driver policy not compatible with my operating system or something like that. It makes me wonder why if thats the case then why does it say that the driver on the Website is compatible for Vista? IT would make sense to have all the drivers listed seperatly instead of acting like one driver will work for all operating systems.Today I had a wild hair and wanted to print some coupons on my home computer to help a friend out. I tried to install the printer and the printer would not print on my Vista system. It locked up a total of three times when I tried to install the software from the wizard on the cd. It just wouldnt recognize it.It also caused a problem with my husbands computer even though he is on a XP operating System. It would make a noise and say it was printing even though it was not. Was still having a problem so I contacted Lexmark Tech support live chat. First person I talked to must have left the chat. By the time I was done chatting with all of these people I was finally able to get the printer to work.Getting this printer to work on my system seemed like a nightmare. It took a total of 4 different people to solve my problem; and two of them people used remote assistance. Even then it still seemed to mess up. I was on the internet chat for over three hours trying to get someone that was informative  enough to actually help me be able to print. One of these four times I went to chat with someone from Lexmark i no sooner closed the chat queue and the printer went offline. I was told to unplug it and repliug it back in, and it was still listed as being offline. I had to plug the usb cable back into my computer and I also had to remove the software and complete another silly computer reboot.The last person I was chatting with made it very difficult for me to keep track of the items she was trying to change. I followed one persons instructions and it ended up making a duplicate copy of the printer when I ran the wireless utility.In the long run both printers in my print list needed to be removed and uninstalled.Atleast now my printer is working on my Windows Vista operating System...several hours later!!!! Im very disappointed with the way this printer performs, especially if it seems to run low on ink. Our color ink is low so I get a error message every time I go to print. Printer paper does not always grab the way its supposed to and sometimes when the ink is 45% full or 45% left I mean then the software sometimes tries to tell you that its low and that it needs to be replaced even though it does not.

Utica, NY


The Lexmark x4530 falls very short in its wireless connectivity.


While the print quality was tolerable, the ink consumption was pretty high.  The most negative feature, however, was the wireless connectivity.  Maybe my expectations are high, but I expect a wireless printer to print when I ask it to.  This printer required us to turn it off and reset it, sometimes more than once to get it to connect to a computer and then to try repeatedly to get an item to print.  The next printer we bought was not a Lexmark. 

Boyd, TX


Lexmark All-In-One Printer X4530

2.8 4