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Lexmark All-In-One Printer X4270

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It works.


The size of the machine is comparatively small, which is good.  The round buttons with numbers are too small.  The numbers are black on a dark gray background and are therefore too difficult to see.  I would make the same comment about the markings for which direction to insert an envelope for printing.  The speed at which it prints is only acceptable.  The color of the printing is quite good.  I find it impossible to make the change to print a color page in black in white permanent (with the option of returning to the default of color and black and white) but have to make the change each time I want the printer to perform this way.  I have tried every option available on the printing preference page but the setting does not hold.  The options for the quality of the print are easily managed on the same printing preference dialogue box, and other options, such as printing in reverse order are easy to select. The copy function prints fast. The fax mode works well, and it is possible to connect this printer to an answering machine in order to receive faxes as well as voice messages when you are not available to answer.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Love it!!!


We own our own business and this is perfect for us! Great to only have one electronic tdevice to fax, print, and copy with....saves tons of space! Highly recommend this product! And not to mention that the printer ink is very reasonably priced also! Definitely a great find and a great product! Love it!!!

Raleigh, NC


Lexmark X4270 has been a great friend and help to me.


The Lexmark printer 4270 printer is a great machine I can send Faxs, make calls,  answer calls, and print inportant information while working on my computer. The printer has saved me money and time along the way. I give it 5 stars for its faithful use I will buy another one when I need it. This printer and fax machine is always on the job and ready to help in many ways. I have printer emlargments of color portrants to a perfection. the lexmark 4270 printer and fax machine also lets me publish the family news letter and get all that family news out on time each year. I couldn't do it without my Lexmark 4270 printer and fax machine.

Milton, WV


It has been a lifesaver for home and business applications


The Lexmark 4270 has been a real help to me over the past few years. I have found that it is versatile and useful for any number of applications. I have used every aspect of the 4 in one and found that it manages to handle large and small projects with some degree of ease. Having been recently returned the job market after a layoff,  the need to upgrade resume's and have applcation materials in place in a timely manner has been critical. The Lexmark has been a performer throuhout this process and continues to maintain its ability to produce quality materials.  The loading of the ink cartridges and the changing of the paper is effortless as is the operation of the scanner, copy, and fax functions on the phone. An added bonus is of course the fax also doubles as an office phone and eliminates the need for an additional receiver in that location in the home. There are still features that I am learning about the machine despite the fact that I have had it for several years. I am, like many, not one to read all of the instructions at first purchase.

Greer, SC


Lexmark All-In-One Printer X4270

4.0 4