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Lexmark All-In-One Printer X3430

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" Lexmark x3430 printer is the best printer you will own"


The Lexmark x3430 printer is a very** economical** printer. Simply, because no one has money to throw away on expensive ink cartridge.  This printer in itself is cheap and it works really good.  My daughter is in college and she has tons of papers she writes and have to print it on a daily basis.  I printer recipes from the internet often, amoung other things. This printer uses one cartridge for both black and color ink and it lasts an average of 3 months.   I highly recommended this printer.

Warrenville, SC


Not what I expected


The Lexmark X3430 is  an average printer. The color is dull not vivid. It does have black and white as well and is an all in one printer...meaning scanner and copier.  However I really don't use the scanner and copier that much.  The black and white also is not very bright.   I guess...I got what I paid for, it wasn't very expensive. For regular use is fine but if you are a professional go for a better quality printer.

Matewan, WV


Lexmark is a very good product


I bought my lexmark x3430 about 4 years ago. It was after the Thanksgiving holiday.  This is my second lexmark all in one printer  the only difference about the 2 is that my old printer used 2 cartridge and the x3430 only uses the 1 cartridges. It is also very easy to hook up and load the ink. It is a wonderful product.

Austin, TX


Lexmark x3430 is a terrific all in one printer for every day use


The Lexmark x3430 all in one printer is a great printer for people who use their printer all of the time or just for an occasional quick print job.  I have found that the ink is slightly cheaper than other printers as it only has one cartridge instead of the usual two, and you get to use it all, right to the last drop. The Lexmark x3430 all in one prints photo quality prints, better and cheaper than sending out your print work. It also has usb and picture card capabilities so no searching for the camera-to-pc cord, just pop the cardinto one of the slots and you are good to go. The Lexmark x3430 all in one accepts most types of picture cards and is pictbridge capable. It comes with Lexmark Imaging studio to help with all your printing needs, from pictures to banners to presentations. The Lexmark x3430 all in one does it all with minimal work and optimal results. This is one fantastic inexpensive printer that works miracles.

Winter Garden, FL


they suck you in with the printer price


I purchased a lexmark printer and it is not the quality of the prints that bother me, its the fact that they cheap me everytime i have to buy a printer cartridge.  you know the little dance you do to get all ink you paid for out those things but with lexmark once, the computer says their is only a small amount of ink in it. there is no shaking it up to get all you pay for.  They have a ok product that comes at a cheap price but they get you in the end with the price of the expensive ink and you cant use all of.  I felt so cheated.

Detroit, MI


Lexmark All-In-One Printer X3430

3.6 5