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Lexmark All-In-One Printer P3150

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Nice for the price


This is a basic all-in-one printer at a decent price.  We have had for three years and have not had even one problem with it.  Print quality on the "Quick print" for black and white is ok.  Printing on the highest quality for text is excellent.  I also have a laser printer and when you compare the two, printed text, side-by-side, you almost cannot tell the difference from the laser.  It prints decently fast, although it does shhoot the paper off the tray and onto floor, which isn't a big deal, unless you have dogs and cats that walk around on the printed page when you are out of the room. (which we do)  The paper feed does not hold a lot of paper, which is a drawback.  It does have 4 different slots on the front to hold different sizes of cards from cameras that help make printing photos much easier.  Scanning and copying are also very easy and I hace gotten good results.  The only negative that I have on this printer, is that even on the "Photo" quality setting, pictures do not print very sharp.  You get what you pay for.

Portage, MI


Avoid, if possible.


I manage to get this printer from a friend who said it didn't work. After tinkering with it, I manage to get it working again. I would recommend avoiding this printer at all costs. The printer requires firmware installed into the computer in order to get the printer working (it doesn't have the hardware to operate). Once installed, it is almost impossible to uninstall, as it is tied to the spooler. It takes over the printer function in the computer, and forces you to only use only its printer (it won't recognize any other printer). That aside, the functions are okay. It scanned reasonable well, and the copy was okay. It prints reasonable well too. Right now, I have it installed on a virtual machine because I spend a bit of money buying ink to see if I can get it working, but once that ink runs out, I will be tossing the machine. It isn't worth the hassle when you have to switch to another printer considering you have to jump through hoops to uninstall the software that they put into the computer.

Danville, CA


Lexmark All-In-One Printer P3150

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