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Lexmark All-In-One Printer

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Lexmark X1150 great for all round printing.


I have owned my Lexmark model X1150 for almost 5 years. This is the best printer, scanner, copies that I have ever owned. I have never had any problems with this product. If I needed to replace this product I would definately buy another Lexmark. The print is very clean, pictures are almost photo quality. The setup was easy to accomplish. The printing options are cleary marked as to the different options that you have to chose from. The Lexmark X1150 doesn't take up a large amount of desk space. I normally keep my printer turned off unless I am printing. I do this to save electricity. The Lexmark X1150 doesn't take long to get set when it is turned on. This is the only scanner that I have ever tried, before I only had printers. The Lexmark makes scanning easy. You can review the scanned item before you decide to print the item. You get a chance to rotate, enlarge, move or delete parts of the item before you print the item.

Boonville, NC


Has lasted a long time for me!


This printer is a really nice all in one! I have used the scan feature for a bunch of items, and the copier function is really nice too! I like the ability to print in color and black and white and this combines so many things, it is really quite a gem! I have had this all in one for about 6 years, and everything on it still works. The only complaint that I have is you must have the computer on in order to do any copy that you want. It only take a couple minutes so the complaint is small. I have never had anything jam on this and have used card stock and resume lightweight paper in this. I have used this for printing envelopes and recipe cards, you name it, it has done it! The ink cartridges that come with this are really good and last a long time. They are numbered 26 and 16 and you should keep with those numbers. You can use 27 and 17 but those don't seem to last long and the ink print kinda stinks. I have never had a bad print job from this printer and would recommend highly. This has lasted so many years with us so far and I look forward to many more.

Wisconsin Rapids, WI


Lexmark PrinTrio is the best pinter setup that I have owned


**I have owned at least five different printer set ups. The Lexmark X1150 PrinTrio** **has proven to be the best. It saves you space, time, and money !  ** **I love my Lexmark PrinTrio and wouldn't trade it for any other . **

Vancouver, WA


Lexmark X1150 All-in-one - has been for our office.


We purchased this machine severage years ago now for my office.  It has never failed us.  The color copy option has been one of my favorites.  The scanner has been used countless times.  Nice option when trying to take older photos and convert them into digital files.  The color printer is also a nice feature.  The ink cartridges although pricey - last a very long time. Our main complaint about about this machine is the fact that in order to use the copier bed that the computer that it is connected to must be turned on in order for the copier to function.  We have it connnected to the leaste used of our PC's and it isn't always logged into.  It is a bit of a hassel to have to take the time to login  - just in order to make 1 or 2 copies a day.  Aside from that though, we have had nothing but great things to say. We have been glad to own this and many other Lexmark office machines.  Great products at a great price.

Nashwauk, MN


Lexmark x1150 is awful!


This printer has been the worse printer i have ever had. My lexmark x1150 uses my ink like its water i bought ink black and colored and then two weeks later i had to buy ink again. plus it gets paper jams really easy. It takes for ever to print something or copy something when it is working. I know technology is tempermental but this is just rediculous. Plus im in college so when i have a paper due i can't print it out at home i have to go to the college and pay to get is printed out, it is so frustrating.

Malta, OH


Lexmark All-In-One Printer

3.8 5