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Lexmark 7300 Series All-In-One Printer

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The LEXMARK 7300 Series a useful all in one printer


I own and have been using my **LEXMARK** 7300 Series copier for several years,it has been an integral part of my computing system and has preformed flawlessly for me,i have even spelt coffee on it and was able to clean it without taking it to a professional cleaner like STAPLES or OFFICE MAX to clean ,overall i have been compleatly satisfied with its performance,with the exception of the ink cartridges and the cost associated with them,and there usable life span,but as far as the performance goes ,the utility of this all in one printer goes I give it a 4.8 reveiw and i was even able copy professional pictures on it useing KODIAK paper,and came up with a similar grade photo from the original colour photo for a 10th of the cost so that made me very happy with my investment,beyond and above my elation with the overall useful utility of this product ,and the Fax feature is completly compatible with my CRICKET Broadband server as well,the overall star rating I give this just 2 points short of a 5 star rating because of the printer cartridges! Thank you Victor

Mesa, AZ


I like this printer


I would like to talk about the Lexmark, 7300 series printer, I have had it for approximately 2 or 3 years and it has not let me down at all.  I really like the fact that it has a feature called pictBridge. so if your digital camera is pictBridge enabled u can attach it directly to the printer for fast and easy printing of your digital pictures and then you can also create and/or customize a scrap book or album page.  Also you can add text captions to a photo page if desired. If you truly are looking for a printer that can do it all and is not all that expensive you can't go wrong with this printer.  I love it, it is compact and looks good.  If you do a lot of faxing this is also a good fit for you.  You can fax and if the line is busy you don't have to sit there and wait. you can set the fax to redial every so often, until the fax is complete and it will print out verification of what and when the fax was or was not complete.  you can also collate copies if you need to.I could go on and on about what great things this printer can do. You won't be disappointed if you purchase this particular printer.

Youngstown, OH


Lexmark 7300 Series All-In-One Printer

4.5 2