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Lean Cuisine
Lean Cuisine Comfort Cuisine Herb Roasted Chicken

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Great meal at 170 calorie


well has a nice good portion of and satisfying of roasted chicken breast nice and tender juicy very flavorfull, roasted red potatoes,with brocoli, and other veggies and some type of sauce taste great fullfeeling and best of all low im calories only 170 per meal.

Lehigh Acres, FL


Lean Cuisine Comfort Cuisine Herb Roasted Chicken - a light meal


We always keep some Lean Cuisine frozen dinners in our chest freezer.  When the dinners go on sale we grab a coupon and stock up. **Lean Cuisine Comfort Cuisine Herb Roasted Chicken **is one of the better offerings in the Lean Cuisine Comfort Cuisine line.  There is a nice, big piece of tender chicken in a creamy mushroom herb sauce with roasted potatoes, broccoli and red peppers. There are only 170 calories and 3g of fat in this dinner.  There are no preservatives.  There are 870mg of Potassium,  15% of the Daily Requirement of Vitamin A, 25% of Vitamin C, 6% of Calcium and 6% of Iron based on a 2,000 calorie diet.  This dinner counts for 3 Weight Watchers Points. Some of the other offerings in the Comfort Cuisine line are Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes, Glazed Turkey Tenderloins, Chicken Parmesan and Beef Pot Roast. With the exception of the Sodium content, I give this dinner a definite "thumbs up".  The Herb Roasted Chicken would make a great, light lunch or dinner.  

Madison, OH


Lean Cuisine Comfort Cuisine Herb Roasted Chicken

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