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LaserJet 4300dtn Printer

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Fairly reliable networkable workgroup printer


***Bottom-Line***: If your business is in need of a solid, large workgroup class printer with a lot of built-in flexibility, look no further then the HP **LaserJet 4300dtn** LaserJet printer. There is nothing more comforting then the hum of a network-attached printer as it comes to life after I have clicked on the print icon.  This confirms not only that your network is working as it should, but also that well, the printer is doing its job.  The printer in this case is an **HP 4300dtn **that sits snuggly against the support stanchion right next to my cubicle.   The HP **LaserJet 4300dtn** was designed as a large workgroup printer capable of handling 1,100 sheet of paper in three paper trays (1x 100 sheets & 2x 500 sheets).  Shipped with a 18,000-page printer cartridge, the **LaserJet 4300dtn** is designed to increase the productivity of a typical medium to large sized workgroup with its built-in networking and duplexing capability, large paper handling capacity, fast print speeds of up to 45 ppm, and heavy duty cycle. Unlike laser printers that passed before it the **LaserJet 4300dtn** features no warm-up time technology with an instant-on fuser that prints first page out in less than 9 seconds. With up to 1200 dpi print quality, the **LaserJet 4300dtn** prints sharp, clear and professionally looking documents. Despite the three paper trays the **LaserJet 4300dtn** is not as large as laser printer of old that boasted the same capabilities; as a matter of fact the unit could fit comfortably in a nice size cube or office.  And although the main selling point is network connectivity, the **LaserJet 4300dtn** also has a convenient IEEE 1284 parallel port on the back panel.  Speaking of back panels, the **LaserJet 4300dtn** is fitted with space for (2) HP Jet Direct cards, through it one ships with one.  The slim-line duplex unit also sits on the back of the printer.  The front of the unit is adorned with four-line backlit LCD display surrounded by various buttons.  The fact that the display is backlit is a very important feature; there is nothing worse then having to squint to see and unlit gray LCD panel in limited lighting! Typically the printer will produce a printout in less then 5 seconds (pure text), or less than 5 seconds (mixed text and graphics), or a little over 6 seconds (graphics).  The no warm-up feature really comes in handy when I am in a hurry and I need a printout fast.  And at 45 pages per minute, I never have to wait long for a document to finish printing, no matter its length.  And the **LaserJet 4300dtn** produces those documents flawlessly; this is one instance when I can report that laser out put is better then inkjet, but not by much.  And I remain a dedicated inkjet fan. **Conclusion** If you or your business are in need of a solid, large workgroup class printer with a lot of built-in flexibility, look no further then the HP **LaserJet 4300dtn** LaserJet printer.  For my money HP is still the best; something about raising the bar.

Aurora, IL


LaserJet 4300dtn Printer

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