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Coffee creamer, fat free
Land O'Lakes
Land o'Lakes Fat free half and half

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What happened to this product ?


I used to love this product, but I wonder if something has changed. I bought it this morning, and it has the look and taste of skim milk !! Where is the non-fat half and half of yesteryear ????

Linwood, NJ

The best!


I love my morning coffee. What I don't love is drinking a ton of fat from using milk or creamer. Fat free milk does not taste very good in coffee at all, so I figured I would try Land O' Lakes Fat Free Half and Half. I became an instant fan! It tastes just like full fat milk and it makes the coffee look nice and creamy! I have even used it in baking recipes in lieu of whole milk. I have been using Land O'Lakes Fat Free Half and Half for about 8 years now and it is a staple in my fridge.



Delicious in coffee


I love the taste of cream in my coffee, but I settled for skim milk for many years in an effort to keep fat consumption to a minimum. Now that Land O'Lakes has introduced Fat Free Half and Half gives me the best of both worlds -- the great creamy taste I want, without the fat I don't. Highly recommended!



Land O'Lakes fat free half and half tastes great


I enjoy coffee.  I like it with just cream, and I;ve alwasy preferred half and half to milk, powedered creamers, or non-daily creamers.  Land O'Lakes makes a good fat-free half and half.  It doesn't have an artificial taste.  It colors the coffee right so it is even visually appealing.  Avoiding corn syrup solids is easy with this product: It's just good.

Waxhaw, NC


Land o'Lakes Fat free half and half

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