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Lacura Revitalise Eye Cream

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over and over again


Now for the bad news. Aldi reported to me today that this has been taken out of there stores.Aldi We can confirm that this product has been deleted from our 'everyday range'. We would like to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by removing this product from our 'everyday range'.



Lacura revitalizing eye cream, great skin for a great price.


I was researching some skin care products a few months ago.  I had finally realized that my skin needed help.  I was very confused by all of the different products.  I had questions such as which is right for me, which is a great price, etc. I was doing my weekly shopping at Aldi Foods and discovered they now carried skin care products.  The skin care line is Lacura. The price was excellent, so I decided to give it a try. I first bought the Lacura Revitalizing Eye Cream.  You use it in the morning and at night.  So I only had to buy one product since it was a day and night cream. I have senstive skin and did not have any skin reactions.  I started noticing a difference within the first week of using the Lacura Revitalizing Eye Cream. It's very soothing and moisturizes great.  I love this product.  Lacura Revitalizing Eye Cream is a prefect cost for the size of the product and the benefits of the product. I would never switch to another brand.  The Lacura Revitalizing Eye Cream is perfect.  It's perfect for me and my budget.  

Buffalo, NY


Lacura Revitalise Eye Cream

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