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La-Z-Boy Recliners

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Horrible service broken longer than not


Allow me to give you some feedback perspective. I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. In trying to make life as easy and comfortable I decided to replace my existing lazy boy couch, chair and ottoman with the most expensive single purchase I've ever made. So I picked out and customized the perfect duo reclining sectional. Great. I waited the weeks in anticipation of my vision of perfection. It arrives and the delivery guys are very nice but proceed to bang up and gouge my door trim trying to get it in. Had they simply taken off the legs(which the eventually did) it would have been very easy. I even offered to have them bring it in through the back patio door which is wider but they didn't want to carry it that far. It gets in and looks great. I overlook the damage and move on to enjoy my costly purchase. Things were great for two and a half weeks and the third time I lifted the foot rest it breaks and won't move. So I call and get an appointment for two long weeks later. I have to wait almost as long as I've owned the sectional just to get a repair man. I wait and he shows up and is very nice and professional. But why in the world would you show up to fix a couch that you know the model and know the problem but bring nothing to fix it. Even I know it can only be a few things that could have gone wrong. Now I'm waiting on parts to come to my house and then I have to call again to set up an appointment that I will have to wait another wait time to get someone back to my house. If you order the parts and you know where they are coming from why am I the one to track and follow up? Why isn't the part coming to you and you know it's there first and you know to call me and set up time immediately? So now many times I'm dealing with something that is not my fault but continues to be my problem. I can't understand why the two parts he ordered were not in his car. You had two weeks to prepare.

Columbus, Ohio


Homely, But Fairly Comfortable


We've had our La-Z-Boy recliner for a couple of years now, and it has proven to be a solid piece of furniture. On the plus side, the recliner is large enough to comfortably accommodate the average to plus-sized adult. I've also found it to be a good perch for me to read to a grandchild, because there's plenty of room on the seat, plus large, cushiony arms to lean on. The covering on our La-Z-Boy is a durable, textured fabric (almost like a corduroy) that has held up well to bi-weekly vacuuming and the occasional spot/stain. With just a little carpet cleaner and a damp rag, I've been able to easily remove any problem spots. The only problem I've had with the fabric is that it can snag if something gets caught on it (like my cat's claws, for example). But, that would probably be the case with most any fabric so I don't ding the manufacturer for that issue. The main issues I have with the La-Z-Boy recliner are (1) appearance and (2) the strength required to fully operate the reclining mechanism. I personally find the recliners to range from homely to downright unattractive. We purchased ours strictly for comfort and functionality. The bigger problem, for me, is that I don't have a lot of body strength and I find that in order to get the back fully reclined, you need to push your weight against the back quite firmly. Similarly, when it's time to push the lower section and back down again, there is a certain amount of coordination/strength required. The average person can probably manage it with no problem, but those with physical limitations may find it a bit challenging.

Chicagoland, IL


The only brand I choose to buy!


I've purchased other brand name recliners but La-Z-Boy is by far the best recliner. They hold up the best over the years. The best part about them is you can recline pretty far in them without having to worry about the chair flipping back. Our family fights over who gets to sit in it. La-Z-Boy is the only brand I will buy!



LazyBoy makes the very best recliners on the market!!!


In my opinion, La-Z-Boy makes the very best recliners of any furniture manufacturer.  The recliners are very comfortable.  La-Z-Boy markets recliners, along with sofas, sleepers  and even other items of furniture.  There are many  styles and designs to choose from and La-Z-Boy also allows you to choose the fabric and color.  In other words, each recliner can be unique.  La-Z-Boy has models that are wall huggers that can be placed close to a wall and you are able to recline without hitting the wall.  We have his and hers recliners in our home, and they are great for watching TV or readng or just plain relaxing after a busy day.  Our La-Z-Boy recliners are so very, very comfortable, and I have to admit that I have fallen asleep in mine.  La-Z-Boy has the best  furniture warranty availablle to consumers, and many of their working or mechanical parts and the frame are guaranteed for the life of the recliner.  La-Z-Boy recliners carry a "Made  in America" label!  So if you want  a quality,  durable, and long lasting recliner consider purchasing a La-Z-Boy.  I did.

small town, OH


Nothing beats a La-Z-Boy


When my husband and I got married we bought 2 La-Z-Boy recliners and also a La-Z-Boy sofa. We were going to get a loveseat, but instead decided to just buy 2 recliners instead. We are so glad that we got the two recliners. We use them a lot and I think we have gotten much more use out of the second recliner than we would have gotten out of the loveseat. We are always using these chairs and they have help up well for us. We do tend to sit it one more that the other and you can see the wear on it. I noticed this when I had my first child. I think I would always sit in the same chair when feeding her and I can now see the effects of this. So I am a little disappointed in that, but overall they are great!

Paton, IA


So comfortable


I recently purchased a La-Z-Boy Rocker Recliner from the Morgan collection and I love it. The fabric is a microsuade which looks so modern and sleek. These chairs have really come a long way. The section where the chair lifts is now heavily padded to avoid finger pinching while giving some extra comfort. The chair itself is very wide and roomy yet comfy enough that you don't feel you are lost in this chair. I am planning on rocking and feeding our newborn baby in this and I couldn't imagine spending the time instead in an uncomfortable glider at the baby store. I went with a chocolate brown color that is beautiful as it is comfortable. This is the type of chair that would be easy to fall asleep in since it has tons on padding but also the quality La-Z-Boy structure underneath that means it will last. My parents have had their chair for over 20 years so I expect this chair will have the same staying power. I wouldn't buy any other type of rocker/recliner.

Holt, MI


Lazy boy is awesome!


Went to Art Van to look at recliners. We went through quite a few and finally decided on Lazyboy!! This chair is made with real class. It has different positions you can stop it on  and is a very comfortable chair. The warranty is also great!

Twin Lake, MI


Comfortable Enough to Sleep In


My parents have always purchased LazyBoy Recliner's for my dad. They have a tall man's recliner that fits his 6'5 frame very well. My husband needed a new recliner so we decided to try LazyBoy. The sales person was very helpful in answering questions regarding the different styles and materials that are offered. We were able to test various chairs in the show room and then choose a material that we really liked. It took about 12 weeks to receive our chair so if you are in a hurry this may not be a good option for you. The day the chair was delivered, it arrived in excellent condition and was placed where I wanted it by the delivery crew. One thing I really liked about LazyBoy is that the mechanisms are warranteed for LIFE! We have purchased other recliners in the past and did not have this option. When the chairs broke down we had to purchase a new one again instead of calling for repair. So far we have loved the new chair and we would purchase from them again.

Gilbert, AZ


La-Z-Boy Recliners

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