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LUSH Veganese Conditioner

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Delightfully lemony


I first tried Veganese when my favorite conditioner was discontinued about 4 years ago (why does that always happen to me?) and I was trying various products in LUSH's hair care line in an attempt to find another that I liked as much. I started off with the 3.3 ounce bottle to see if I'd like it enough to graduate to the big bottle and was quite pleased with it. As a result, Veganese is one of the LUSH products that I buy regularly and consider a staple in my shower. Effectiveness I was skeptical of Veganese at first as it's a little tricky to apply due to its consistency. The consistency is kind of like mustard when you squirt it out of the bottle. So if I squirt it into my hand, rub it around, and then try to get it to the top of my head, it runs down my arm. So now I just squirt a zigzag of it across my head and massage it into my hair that way. It rinses out easily and leaves my hair feeling conditioned, detangled, and fruity scented. This conditioner is good for every day. Scent Veganese is a basic conditioner that has a light, lemony scent that goes with everything. The color is off white. The scent is light and refreshing and makes me think of summer.

Annapolis, MD


Definitely volumizing...not sure on how well it conditions.


Full disclosure: I was given a sample of LUSH Veganese Conditioner at the LUSH store a few weeks ago.  I have crazy curly, very thick hair and my go to line of hair care products was recently discontinued.  Because I use several other LUSH products on a regular basis, I decided to try the LUSH line for a new haircare solution.   The great thing is that LUSH will give you free samples of products that can't be tried in store (shampoo and conditioner especially).  Generally the samples are big enough that you can get 1 or 2 washes out of it.   Because my hair is so thick, I am not really in need of volumizing anything.  Lush Veganese Conditioner does a great job volumizing my hair, but I don't really want it to be any bigger!  Additionally, I am not sure how well it conditions.   I am not ready to give up on LUSH conditioners yet, I think I just need to find a different formula that is better suited for my hair type and condition.

Chicago, IL


LUSH Veganese Conditioner

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