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L'Oreal Skin Genesis Deep-Action Night Complex Intensive Treatment

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It was late summer when I first started using this product, and my skin was tore up bad from a season of heavy tanning, and in the repair process  my pores were huge! I bought Skin Genesis multi-layer cell strengthening intensive treatment (deep action night complex) to help with this, and to replace a current moisturizer that just wasn't intense enough for me anymore. I had amazing results!( I also used the skin genesis face wash) My face looked fresh and dewy, my pores tight, and it didn't react any sensitivities that I sometimes get to moisturizers. The only problem I have had, may very well be from over use, but it is very heavy and tends to make me break out almost immediately after applying. I am in my thirties, so this just wont do for me. I have cut back the usage to a few times a week, and only to trouble areas...avoiding use during "hormonal periods" and am starting to dry out again. I believe there could be a better result from the day cream since it wont be as heavy. Good in small doses :)

Pompano Beach, FL


Noticed a big difference in my skin.


L'Oreal's Genesis Deep Action Night Cream really works great. It soaks up nicely, leaving your skin feeling non-greasy yet very smooth.  A little goes a long way and Its worth every penny.  This is a low cost option to firm up and clear you skin. You will feel a difference in your skin in a few days.  I say about 7 to 10 days.  I'm very satisfied with L'Oreal's Genesis Deep Action Night Cream.  This is all I buy now and I recommend it others.  And I sure you will be too.

Jersey City, NJ


L'Oreal Skin Genesis Deep-Action Night Complex Intensive Treatment

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