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Conditioner for Damaged Hair, Conditioner for Dry Hair
L'Oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System Intense Smoothing Conditioner

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Great product


For me this product works great (I have very thick coarse hair and I do coconut oil masks very often and leave them in over night, so this morning when washing the oil out of my hair I used this conditioner and LOVED it! It smells fantastic and it made my hair very soft and extremely easy to work with! No tangles. The conditioner itself I do really enjoy and would definitely purchase again!

New Castle, DE


L'Oreal EverSleek Conditioner


Great product. I have been using this for a while (over a year). It is great on my hair (the little I have left!!). I feel refreshed, clean, and it gives a shine to my hair. I would recommend the product to anyone, although I know everyone has a preference perhaps in regard to shampoos and/or conditioners for their hair. It should probably be used every time you wash your hair and then condition it, as it keeps dryness at bay. I love L'Oreal. The conditioner comes in a size that is easy to handle. It is reasonably priced, especially if you have a coupon. It lasts a long time because you don't need much of it when you use it, whether daily or a few times a week. I just love the feel of the conditioner because it is smooth, not overly perfumed (which I do not like at all). it does the trick! I don't spend a lot of time on my hair except to air dry it because it is short and I don't want to damage it any more by using a hot blow dryer. Since my hair is short, it is easy to manage after using the conditioner. Great product!!

Phoenix, AZ


Gives my hair an extra boost!


I really like all of the L'Oreal "Ever" products (EverPure, EverCurl, EverSmooth, EverSleek, etc) and this one is no exception. I was looking for a heavy duty conditioner that I could use once a week or so to help give my hair extra moisture. After standing in the hair care aisle at the store for what seemed like forever looking at all the choices, I decided to purchase the L'Oreal EverSleek Sulfate Free Smoothing System Intense Smoothing Conditioner. As an added plus, it was on sale and I had a coupon for it! I have to say I was pretty pleased with this conditioner. It does exactly what I was hoping it would do which is give my hair an ultra moisturizing treatment once a week, helping to "refresh" it a bit. It can be pretty heavy in spite of being silicone free, so for my hair, I wouldn't want to use this daily, I think it would just be too much. It is perfect for a weekly treatment though, and it really puts back a lot of the moisture that styling my hair seems to take out. This conditioner has been added to my current rotation of must have hair products!

Voorhees, NJ


The best shampoo I've found so far!


I have coarse, wavy hair that falls just past my shoulders. On a regular day, my hair gets pretty frizzy and I have fly-aways everywhere- of course, humid Georgia summers don't make matters any better. This shampoo helps to calm my frizzy hair, and when I blow dry and flat iron my hair after washing and conditioning my hair, I have very little frizz remaining. Other reviewers have touched on this shampoo's thick consistency. This is a downside of the shampoo, but I make sure to only use about a nickel-size amount and work it through my hair. I don't think this is really a shampoo I would use to deep clean my hair. I find that if I use too much, it's difficult to wash it all out and my hair gets weighed down. In winter, my scalp tends to get very dry and I get a lot of white flakes because of it. If I use this shampoo every other day, my scalp doesn't get more irritated; however, if I use the EverSleek shampoo daily and really scrub it into my scalp, my scalp gets even dryer. Scent The scent is fresh, but light enough not to irritate you if you are sensitive to scents.



L'Oreal needs to go back to basics with their EverSleek shampoo.


I was lucky enough to get free samples of the L'Oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free Intense Smoothing line of products. Today I am reviewing the shampoo. I opened the 0.34 fluid ounce (10 ml) sachet, and headed into the shower stall. I got under the shower so my hair was really wet. I then squeezed the shampoo into my other hand. I loved the light floral fragrance. Out came a white liquid, similar to a lotion. I rubbed my hands together, and applied it to my hair. I made sure that it went from root to ends. I actually struggled to get a really good lather with it. I left it on while I shaved my legs, and then rinsed it off. I used one of my conditioners, for color treated hair, so it wouldn't look brassy. My hair didn't look any better than using a cheap brand, or a generic brand. It just did an average job for me. I will try the conditioner with a good quality shampoo, and see if that is any better. Effectiveness My hair was clean, but nothing to shout about. Scent I loved the faint floral fragrance.

New Port Richey, FL


If you want super sleek, super smooth hair, try this conditioner


Let me begin by saying that using **L'Oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free Intense Smoothing Conditioner** once or twice may not give you the results you expect or want for making your hair look super straight, smooth, sleek, and gorgeous. At least that has been my experience with this conditioner. However, if you use it regularly, and figure out just the right amount to use on your hair, I believe you will find that it performs wonders for your hair and that you will come to love it as much as I do. If your hair is already in perfect condition and never has aggravating 'bumps' or never becomes frizzy in spots after you straighten it, then you probably don't need a conditioner as intense as this. My hair is long, colored very regularly, I use heat to style it, I'm in the sun as often as possible, and I DO need a very intense conditioner to help my hair hold the 'straight as a board' style that I prefer. That's also exactly what I get when I use **L'Oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free Intense Smoothing Conditioner** regularly. This product doesn't weigh down hair--it adds volume to it. If you use too much of it or don't rinse it out well enough, your hair may look a little oily...it's a trial and error approach. Once you get it just right, you will be left with a head full of tangle free, silky, soft, bouncy, and very sleek, straight hair. I love the way my hair looks, feels, and smells when I use **L'Oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free Intense Smoothing Conditioner.** I have been using it often enough to realize that it seems to be teaching my hair to stop frizzing as often as it use to, even when the weather is bad or I don't use my flat iron to straighten it. We don't all have the same type of hair nor do we all wear our hair in the same style. I don't know how well this conditioner works on hair that is different from own hair. I can tell you that it makes my very long, very fine, and dry hair transform into extremely straight, super soft, as smooth as silk, very shiny, pretty hair that is frizz free. I like it a lot and recommend it for hair that needs intense conditioning and is worn straight. Remember to use it sparingly, and don't give up on it until you get the amount "just right". I think if you give it the chance it deserves, it will give your dry, frizz prone hair results that you deserve.

Tiny Town, GA


L'Oreal L'oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free Intense Smoothing Conditi


This really happens to be one of my favorite smoothing conditioner by L'oreal eversleek sulfate - free intense it keeps your hair ,smoothes, and ,deeply condition's frizzy and very unmanagable hair without weighing your hair down , it also helps improve's the texture of your hair and it leave's your hair very soft, and very, sleek and ,managable . The l' oreal product's are not harsh at all but well in fact and in deed oh so gentle . I love the entire line of the loreal eversleek product's . this happen's to be one of the best line of products i have ever use . And another thing about these product the ingredient's , are nothing that would cause your hair to get dry and brittle hair and cause alot of damage . I think that all the women out there that's is looking for some products to give you that beautiful, and shiny ,sleek and, healthy ,hair look to go and buy it now to have gorgeous hair .

Los Angeles, CA


L'Oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System Intense Smoothing Conditioner

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